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About Wellspring Vitality Center

Escape the Grind...

Imagine coming in for the session of your choice and entering into a peaceful space, where you take off or cover your shoes in the Japanese tradition.  Next you will deluge your senses by using a hot towel to warm and clean your hands or face, choosing an essential oil spritzer to refresh or relax your senses.
Then you will be encouraged to select a cup of tea, and you can add a CBD shot to your tea to enhance your relaxation experience. You will always be encouraged to come early to your appointment so that you can sip your tea, breathe deep and even lay down and put your feet on the wall.
After your bodywork, counseling or other wellness session, you could add on some time in the sauna or salt chamber, or lay on the CeraGem Korean massage bed, try some Exercise with Oxygen Training after getting an optimized workout session on the Vibra-Pro plate.

Why Vitality?

Here at Wellspring Vitality, we go beyond Wellness. Vitality is our end goal for balanced wellness.
Webster’s defines vitality as
  1. exuberant physical strength or mental vigor
  2. the capacity for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence
  3. the power to live or grow.
Whenever I teach my fitness classes, I often share that we are not working hard to look good, and not even to feel good. These things are great side effects. But the real reason we choose to work out or do anything good for ourselves is that we want a purposeful existence.
When you feel good, you can love better. It’s easier to connect with people and serve and have energy to go the extra mile when we are living in vitality. Vitality will always be our goal in every service, every source, every product offered at Wellspring Vitality.