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August is for inner healing work

By August 1, 2023Blog, Deals
Nina tandem skydiving with a big smile on her face.

August is all about inner healing. Each of us has memories that bring us pain, and habitual responses that no longer serve us, we would love to invite you to join our community classes and therapies to experience the inner healing you long for. 

These are the highlighted August therapies and classes at Wellspring. To view the entire list and our self-care summer special we recommend checking out the Summer Menu

Person handwriting a journalWriting For Remedy Workshop with Yuri – August 8th, 6-830 PM

Memoirs, or “memory” writing, is a powerful wellness activity that cleanses and revitalizes through the writing and sharing of poignant memories. In this ongoing group class, students will gain writing tools and form lasting bonds with fellow writers as they embark on a remarkable journey of recollection. Get the wheels turning with helpful prompts from seasoned instructor, Yuri Chicovsky. Come and discover the healing power of making art from the stories of your life!

Reserve your spot online or call (970) 872-9355 to get on the list. Recommended donation of $25 for Writing For Remedy Workshop and $15 per Memoir Writing Class session. All proceeds go to instructor Yuri, and Wellspring is donating the space. 

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback with Nina

We are so proud to see Nina skydiving! This was one of her bucket list items that she felt free enough to tackle this summer. It is so good to see her experiencing freedom from fear. She credits this sense of freedom and fearlessness to her Neuroptimal Neurofeedback sessions. 

NeurOptimal training for the brain is like physical training for the body; it is a tool for self-empowered mental fitness that promotes flexibility, resilience, and improved mental acuity.

🧠 Promotes Healthier Sleep

🧠 Promotes Relaxation

🧠 Enhances Learning Capacity

🧠 Helps Manage Stress

🧠 Helps Improve Mental Acuity 

🧠 Help with Performance / Sports Anxiety 

🧠 Contributes To Overall Wellness 

🧠 Enhances Personal Transformation

Interested in seeing what Neurofeedback can unlock for you as you embark on this healing journey? It is medicine for the soul.  Book your first session at or learn more at her website –

Ceragem Korean Massage BedFlow Recovery Therapy Package

Heat, massage, and even light frequencies can stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage. The Flow Recovery Therapy package is 10% off through August. This therapy package includes the BEMER, Ceragem, and Infrared Sauna. 

What is a session like and how do these therapies work? We recommend coming to the wellness center in comfortable breathable clothes. Plan on wearing layers so when you sit in the sauna you can remove long sleeve shirts and pants. 

The first therapy is BEMER circulation restoration therapy.  Within the first eight minutes of use, the BEMER creates an increase of oxygen in the body by 30% or more. This increase in oxygenation is due to the low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field that the BEMER uses to stimulate local blood flow. BEMER therapy has been found to: 

  • Increase wound healing times.
  • Balance sleep cycles.
  • Increase recovery time from physical training.
  • Reduce stress.

In a package, we recommend 8 minutes to begin the session and to end with a final 8 minutes on the BEMER. Splitting the 16-minute session into two has longer-lasting effects and increases energy in the body. 

After the BEMER is the Ceragem massage bed. This FDA-approved medical device is used for blood circulation and stress relief. During a session, the Ceragem measures the user’s spine before applying techniques borrowed from deep tissue massage, chiropractic stretching, and far infrared heat.

The benefits of a Ceragem massage include:

  • Loosened stiff muscles.
  • Reduced Joint pain.
  • Reduced pain due to inflammation.

After a relaxing 20 minutes on the Ceragem, next up is the Infrared Sauna. Heat alone increases blood circulation within the body. Sitting in an infrared sauna takes the therapeutic benefits a step further. Infrared light boosts ATP production within the cells. This increase in energy production at a cellular level increases oxygen production and circulation. 

At Wellspring Vitality we use the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna which delivers both near and far infrared light.

The benefits of using these wavelengths of light include:

  • Recharge cell mitochondria
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Increases heart health and circulation.
  • Stimulates sweat glands, deep detoxifying sweat
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Increases immune response. 

Before you go, unwind in the BEMER chair for the last session. Expect to take an hour to 90 minutes for this therapy package. You can book online at or by calling us at (970) 872-9355

We look forward to seeing you soon at the wellness center!

Love people, love vitality. 

The Wellspring Vitality Team 

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