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Breathe Deep Wellness Specials

By August 1, 2022November 28th, 2022Uncategorized

For the month of August, our focus is on breathwork. This therapeutic practice is both relaxing and deeply healing. There are multiple specials that can help you to strengthen and build up your respiratory strength.

The Breathe Deep Specials of the month include:

Lungevity Cleanse

This therapeutic cleanse utilizes three different wellness technologies, salt therapy, exercise with oxygen training, and the infrared sauna. One session of the Lungevity Cleanse takes one hour. Participants begin with 20 minutes in the salt therapy room, where they breathe in salt particles to induce a cleanse of allergens in their respiratory tract. After clearing the way for more oxygen flow, it is time to exercise with oxygen training. The LiveO2 oxygen mask delivers high levels of oxygen to the participant while they exercise on a stationary bike. A trainer assists in breathing exercises during this 20 minute session. The cleanse is ended with 20 minutes in the infrared sauna to increase circulation and relaxation.

One session is $49. Call the wellness center with your questions, or book your first session at (970) 872-9355, or book online – 

Vitality & LiveO2 Membership

Exercise with oxygen therapy is a powerful remedy for the body. Increase strength, cognitive clarity, and immune response with LiveO2 training. As a Vitality Member with the LiveO2 add-on you have access to all the wellness technologies at the wellness center to support your wellness journey. Therapies included are: 

The membership is $200/monthly for 12 months or $270/month-by-month. You can become a member online at – 


LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

EXOT is when you take in high concentrations of oxygen while exercising. This oxygenation of the body supports immune function, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and promotes healing throughout the entire body. To see the best results it is recommended that this therapy is used as a part of your training regimen. Purchase a pack of sessions for the best savings. 

One session is $45, a ten pack is  $250, and a twenty-five pack is $500.  This does not include one-time fees for initial training and personal oxygen mask purchase. Book online at – 


BEMER 12 Package – $100

BEMER is a physical vascular therapy that utilizes a frequency that tones and stimulates the blood vessels, optimizing blood flow that affects every system in the body. Within just eight minutes on the BEMER the body can see an uptake of 30% or more. This increase in oxygenation increases cardiovascular health in the body. 

The best results are from routine use. Purchase 12 sessions for $100. A single 8-minute session is $10. Book sessions online at –

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