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Celebrating Movement in April 2021

By April 6, 2021Blog
Restorative Movement Session

April is a celebration of movement at Wellspring Vitality. We offer workshops and one-on-one movement training sessions so you can achieve your fitness goals. Whether that is recovering from a stroke, or building strength and endurance for a race, we are the one-stop-shop for you. Watch the video to learn more about how we celebrate movement in all forms.

How to Celebrate Movement with Us

Join us in celebrating restorative movement this month! A great place to start is one of our free workshops. Our workshops for April include Breathe Deep and the ABCs of Restorative Movement. Both of these workshops will bring your body into balance. We can only host 7 people in person due to COVID19 restrictions. More participants are welcome to join via Zoom. Both workshops are taught by the physical trainer and masseuse Liz Evans from HandsOnBodyWorks.

The Breathe Deep Workshop is held on April 14th at 6:30 PM. Liz will help you learn restorative breathwork to release stress and tension and to energize the body. This workshop also explores the power of oxygen training and what it can do for you, whether you need to rehabilitate your lungs after a bout of COVID or increase stamina. Liveo2 oxygen training has protocols for almost everything, from brain healing to fitness improvement or just increasing your overall health.

The ABCs of Restorative Movement is held on April 23rd at 5:45 PM. Learn to overcome the stress patterns that weigh so heavily on your mind and body in this movement workshop. Chronic tension and fatigue directly affect your emotional health, it is time to take control of these destructive patterns and begin a practice of restorative movement. Move with Liz and learn to communicate with and calm the central nervous system using breathwork, restorative movement, holistic self-care strategies, and deep body awareness. Your body does not have to happen to you, let Liz teach you how to “happen” to your body.

Reserve your workshop spot at

Wellness Offerings

Every month we offer a bundle deal for our wellness technology therapies. This month the wellness technologies in the April bundle include the MitoRed Light, Salt Room, Sauna, and Physical Vascular therapy. Why did we choose this particular combo? The MitoRed light therapy helps to increase movement in the lymphatic system as well as bring equilibrium to the body. The Salt Room clears the respiratory system of impurities. The infrared sauna helps your body to detox as well as increase circulation to your sore muscles. Finally, Physical Vascular therapy increases blood flow and oxygen intake by 30%. This bundle is an excellent way to recover from your movement sessions. Purchasing a session for each of these therapies would cost $47. For the month of April, enjoy all of these therapies for $30.

Fitness Offerings

The ABCs of Restorative Movement is an excellent way to unwind the effects of stress on the body. Take it a step further by scheduling a one on one restorative movement session with Liz. You will work together to build a custom movement plan according to your body and goals. Receive $15 off these sessions when you schedule a massage. We highly recommend this session if you want to incorporate restorative movement into your daily life. Book online or contact us directly to get started.

Our final movement offering of the month includes our fitness technologies, the LiveO2, and the Vibra Pro vibrating plate. Both of these fitness technologies are excellent physical therapies for people of all abilities. Our physical trainer will work with you to create a program that fits your needs. We have users of all abilities including one in a wheelchair using these modalities and seeing results! Book a session and see what is possible for you this month for 50% off. If you find that this is the exercise you need you can continue to work out with us as a Fit Member.

We hope to inspire you to move this month. Book a session at – or give us a call at (970) 872-9355.

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