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Ceragem Massage Bed

By March 19, 2020February 2nd, 2024Wellness Technology

Ceragem Master V3 is a 510K medical device approved by the FDA which does warm thermalacupressure, deep tissue rolling massage, and intense stretching of your spine at the same time. It helps to reduce back pain, stretch and decompress your spine, correct your posture, and overall benefit your health. 

The Ceragem Massage Bed offers a tailor-fitted massage and acupressure experience that is deeply healing and relaxing. This therapeutic device is designed using a combination of Western medical technologies and the techniques of Oriental medicine. It is designed to heal the body as a whole with sessions that combine infrared heat, acupressure, and traditional massage techniques. This massage bed is great for all ages, from kids to adults alike and it is gentle and adjustable to your preferences.

The internal projector fitted in the massage bed measures the length and curvature of your spine so it can accurately massage you in the correct areas to stimulate acupressure points and offer the best experience for your back as possible. Your back is also measured from side to side, so no area of your back will be left untouched. This is the only massage bed that offers a custom massage experience in this way.

Benefits of Ceragem Master V3

  • Temporary relief of minor muscles & joint pain stiffness
  • Temporary increase in local circulation
  • Temporary relief of minor joint pain associated with arthritis
  • Relaxation of muscles

The 15 pressure points targeted during your session include:

  1. Benefits back and knee pain, spinal discs, circulation, kidney stones, cholesterol, and skin issues.
  2. Benefits the digestive system and helps with stomach and intestinal issues, ulcers, hernia, gas, and weight loss.
  3. Benefits the gallbladder and liver which helps with diabetes and other such illnesses.
  4. Benefits the respiratory system and sinuses, is a relief point for asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues.
  5. Benefits the cardiovascular system.
  6. Benefits blood pressure and shoulder pain.
  7. Benefits shoulder pain as well as circulation to the hands.
  8. Benefits the cranial systems and helps to reduce headaches, sinus pressure, and thyroid health.
  9. Benefits are the same as the first.
  10. Benefits the lower extremities including knee and foot pain.
  11. Benefits the reproductive system including the prostate gland, ovaries, testis as well as the urinary tract.
  12. Benefits the lower back, lower intestine and the prostate gland.
  13. Benefits the same as the 3rd.
  14. Benefits the same as the 2nd.
  15. Benefits the skin as well as the abdomen and assists healing issues with ulcers and the uterus.

During your session your back will be warmed with infrared heat to allow for deeper relaxation of the muscles so you can enjoy the massage session long after you are gone.

Come to Wellspring Vitality to enjoy your therapeutic massage on the Ceragem. Book online or call us to schedule your session.

  • 40 Minutes $35
  • 20 Minutes $20
  • 10 Pack Punchcard: $200

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