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Choose Self Care in March

By February 28, 2023Blog, Deals, Uncategorized

How can you love others if you don’t love yourself? Let’s dive in. 

Making the choice to care for your body, mind, and soul is critical to how you can show up for those around you. This self-care is as simple as a moment of quiet reflection, a walk, a gentle stretch, or a home-cooked meal. 

Don’t try to pour from an empty cup. We suspect many of you do because we hear about the burnout you are experiencing when you come to the wellness center. Recently we have heard again and again from a few clients how much better their quality of life was the minute they decided to take their own needs seriously. 

We hope this trend continues on and inspires you to care for yourself. How will you care for yourself this March? Send us a picture or a little note and we will share it on our social media to spread the idea of making self-care simple. 

As your local wellness center, we have a myriad of ways to choose your own wellness. March our focus is on self-care and nutrition.

Some specials you won’t want to miss include: 

Experience the Entire Wellness Center

Book a complimentary Vitality Orientation with the Complete Body Reset to create a plan for your personal wellness goals and to experience almost all of the therapies the wellness center has to offer. 

Sauna vs Hot Flashes $150 Package

Can the infrared sauna ease hot flashes from menopause? Participate in our informal experiment by watching the video with Amber and Liz and using the sauna 2-3 times per week. 

Trial Membership 10% Off 

Through the month of March get 10% off a trial Vitality membership. 

HandsOn Bodyworks: $10 off CAT + Thai on the Table

Through April 30th get $10 off Core Alignment Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage on the massage table.


We are also really excited about the events for March. 


Daily Core Transformation Fitness Classes 

Liz Evans of HandsOn Bodyworks teaches these unique deep core work classes. $10 per session, members are free.

Mondays Neurofeedback & Symphony of the Cells

Book Neuroptimal Neurofeedback or aromatherapy session with Nina Worley. 

Wednesdays Reiki & Private Yoga Sessions

Book energetic healing Reiki sessions and private yoga sessions with Ashley. 

Thursdays Neurofeedback, Reflexology

Margaret Hollander reflexologist is available Thursdays. Book aromatherapy or Neurofeedback with Nina. 

March 3rd & 20th IV Therapy Clinic

Rocky Mountain IV Medic Conrad is available two dates every month to provide hydration and vitamin delivery.

March 8th & 22nd Acupuncture & CAT Clinic

Restore balance with Core Alignment Therapy from HandsOn Bodyworks and acupuncture from Dr. Turrey.

Core Principles of Movement March 19th $15/per person (members are free)

Explore Core Principles of Movement Learned in the last 10 years of teaching this work. Sit, Stand, Lay Down, Get Up, Core Walking, Breath Stretch, Wind on Water.

Wim Hof Breathwork Class March 26th

Discover the power of your breath and cold plunge with instructor Melanie. The event is from 3-430pm.


That is all the wellness center updates we have for today. You can book any of these sessions by giving us a call at (970) 872-9355 or online at –

We hope you choose to cherish yourself today. 

Love people. Love vitality. 

The Wellspring Vitality Team

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