Wellness Corporate Membership

Wellspring Vitality offers custom corporate wellness packages to help businesses and nonprofits create value for their employees.  We want to help you invest in your team’s productivity and long-term health. Our team is happy to tailor a program to your unique needs today.

Treat your team to sessions with skilled wellness providers, or wellness technologies designed to help them relax and bring their bodies into balance.

Businesses that offer the bonus of services from Wellspring Vitality receive in return:

  • Businesses that offer a wellness package can see a lower turnover rate because the stress and tension of the job are accounted for. 
  • Gain a competitive hiring edge and attract the best of the best when you offer a wellness membership. 
  • Reinvesting into your employees can save you money be it a tax write off or lower health insurance premiums depending on your plan. 

Schedule a tour and experience the wellness center at its finest. Call to schedule a corporate wellness tour and experience complimentary wellness therapies at (970) 872-9355.

Some of the customizable packages we offer include: 


A custom membership featuring the therapies of choice can be provided to all of your employees. Each employee can book therapy sessions on an as needed basis. This membership is set up as an annual contract. Contact our team to build a custom membership.

LiveO2 and Vibra Pro Training


Whether you are looking to educate employees on health, work up a sweat, or enjoy a day of pampering we have you covered. This event can be held at your location of choice or at the wellness center. This event is custom-fitted to your goals. Contact our team to create your custom event.

Restorative Movement Session

Gift Certificates

Appreciation can go a long way for employees. A corporate gift certificate program is an excellent way to bring health and wellness to your employees. The gift certificate offers them the freedom to choose their own therapy as they see fit. Contact our team to go over the volume and pricing of gift certificates.

A testimonial from a recent corporate partnership where Wellspring Vitality provided a therapeutic event as well as gift cards to employees from VM West.

Stephanie Neff Co-Founder of VM West

It’s simple to get started. Just give us 10-15 minutes of your time and we will call to schedule a tour for your core team.