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Couples Massage Workshop with Liz

By February 1, 2023February 22nd, 2023Uncategorized
Two hands, one with a wedding ring, one without gently touching each other against a blank background.

Deepen your hands-on knowledge and experience in couple’s massage. Join Liz Evans, massage therapist, and educator to discover new therapeutic methods of connecting with your loved one. Romantic, familial, and friends are all encouraged to attend! This workshop is focused on restorative massage work including:

  • How to get rid of a headache
  • How to give the best foot rub ever
  • The power of connected touch
  • Touch that deepens intimacy in communication
  • Couples stretching and play
  • How to give each other bodywork without getting tired or hurting yourself
  • Simple spa touches that say “I honor you” and offer nurture.
  • Learn how to connect your touch, breath & spirits with some simple take-home exercises that will deepen your intimacy.

Where & When

This workshop is on February 19th, 6-8 PM at the Yoga Tree in Hotchkiss. Minimum of 5 couples and a maximum of 10 so we can have a truly focused session. The cost is $75 per couple. Reserve your spot by calling the wellness center or RSVP online.

What to bring

A comforter or two to provide comfort on the floor, and two pillows. Massage oil, essential oil, and chocolate will be provided. If you have specific allergies, please bring a massage oil that works for you.

Watch a video about our Covid Policy and precautions