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Cynthia Gardner O’neill

By November 24, 2020September 5th, 2021Uncategorized
Integrative and energy medicine, Wellness and Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner

Cynthia Gardner O’Neill is the Founder of Center for Loving Consciousness, Ultimate Wellness Network, and creator of HeartMonics™ Programs, Courses and Online Educational Membership, Ultimate Wellness LLC.Ultimate Wellness LLC has been seeking a non-profit status to open up an opportunity to raise funds for The Flow Mobile Wellness Project, The Ow to Wow Fund Helping people in Crisis and The Center for Loving Consciousness Ultimate Wellness Network.

Cynthia has extensive education, training, and certifications in Integrative and energy medicine. Her educational credentials include: Wellness and Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Wilderness Adventure Guide, TFT Trainer, Complimentary, Alternative, and Energy Medicine Professional, Studies in BioAcoustic, EnergyInformatic, Science of the Heart & Epigenetics as well as a Doctorate in Divinity. Cynthia will guide you on a wilderness adventure into your heart to discover YOU!

Cynthia leads a life of peace and harmony but she says it hasn’t always been that way. Her own story of trauma, illness, unique experiences with frequency and the power of the heart took her on an adventure to become an expert in the harmonics of the heart, HeartMonics™ Harmonize Life!. Your harmonic heart is the solution to your wellness problems.


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