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EWOT- Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

By March 19, 2020February 2nd, 2024Wellness Technology

Exercise with oxygen training (EWOT) includes breathing in higher concentrations of oxygen while exerting yourself on a stationary bike or other accessible form of exercise. During a session the highest concentration of oxygen you will take in is 93%; compare this with the 21% that is the normal oxygenated level you breathe in at sea level. This high concentration of oxygen will be contrasted with lower oxygenated levels, similar to altitude training, to increase the beneficial effects and difficulty of the training.

Individual masks are required and available for purchase from Wellspring. Contamination is a nonissue because your mask is yours alone! Our providers will discuss your fitness level and help you to make the most of each session.

This therapy is not only a great option to increase endurance and athletic performance, the increased oxygenation and blood flow in the body also decreases symptoms associated with chronic pain and fatigue conditions like autoimmune diseases, arthritis, Lyme’s disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

These benefits of exercising with oxygen therapy are due to the increased oxygen circulation. Increasing the oxygen supply necessary to the countless chemical processes that occur in your body boosts your body’s performance naturally. Low oxygen supply to different areas of the body is linked to many different diseases and disorders that grow more common with age. For those experiencing these symptoms, increased blood flow to damaged tissue can speed the healing process.

The direct results of liveo2 Adaptive Contrast training include:

  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory health.
  • Reduced inflammation and pain in the body.
  • Faster recovery time after workouts, injuries, or illness.
  • Increased energy and athletic performance
  • Better immune system health.
  • Improved vision and clarity of mind.
  • Cleanses body of impurities.
First time users of LiveO2 who do not first book a training session, will not experience LiveO2 as an Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT) but purely as Oxygen Therapy. You will sit or gently stretch while performing breathwork exercises led by a staff member.

Contact us today to discuss your training plan, or book your initial training session now. Liveo2 Memberships are available as well as a punchcard.

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