Hands On Therapies

At Wellspring Vitality we offer a one stop solution for hands on therapies. Whether you are looking for relief from a specific condition or simply looking to relax, our practitioners have a solution for you. We invite you to book as soon as convenient to experience vitality. 

Massage & Bodywork

We offer multiple different modalities of bodywork and massage including, traditional massage, Thai Yoga massage and hot stone massage. Therapists Liz Evans and Kellyn Kirch have decades of experience and are sure to offer a transcendental massage you won’t soon forget. 

Symphony of the Cells

Approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, “Symphony of the Cells” describes a hands-on massage technique for applying essential oils. Nina Barrow will customize your session to target your specific ailment using only doTERRA Essential Oils. There are 19 different protocols that can help with hundreds of illnesses and conditions, including but not limited to, Forgiveness, Digestion, Immunity and Inflammation protocols. 


Achieve balance in your body with a reflexology session with Margaret Hollander, our resident reflexologist. This ancient practice of healing the whole body through an intimate knowledge of pressure points in the hands and feet can be traced back to ancient Egypt and China. Reflexology is a wonderful therapy for those seeking relief from a myriad of conditions.


Relieve pain, tension, and discomfort while stimulating healing with our resident licensed acupuncturist, Amber Trout. This ancient Chinese medicine practice of inserting needles corresponding to specific pressure points is an effective therapy for countless disorders and discomforts. Foster healing and balance in your body by booking your first session today.

Esthetician Services

Have our resident esthetician, Lexi Vernon, rejuvenate, cleanse (and maybe even wax) your skin in our spa. Treat yourself to a facial to recover from eczema, acne, sun damage, or just aging lines. Treat your skin to sessions of pampering to give it the healing it so desperately needs.

Core Alignment Therapy

This groundbreaking new therapy is a gentle alternative to chiropractic care. Liz Evans, our resident Core Alignment therapist and bodywork educator, will guide your body through a series of gentle movements to realign your spine and fascia. There is no spine cracking and no abrupt, jarring shifts to anticipate. This gentle work achieves the superior results by going in under the radar of the central nervous system. For pain in your spine and other major joints including the jaw, hips, knees, and ribs this is the healing modality for you.

Neuroptimal Neurofeedback

Nina Worely our neurofeedback specialist will help your brain to be the best it can be. Neurofeedback using the Neuroptimal machine is a therapy that trains the brain to work more efficiently to promote a healthier and more effective mind. Neurofeedback will mirror back to the brain its electrical activity and alert the brain when those functions abruptly shift to promote more effective function.