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Honoring Our Veterans

By November 10, 2023February 2nd, 2024Blog, Deals

At Wellspring, honoring our veterans is a daily occurrence and does not have to wait until November 11th. Veteran’s Day holds special importance at Wellspring because of the years Liz served in the Air Force. Her experience in the “chair force”, and working with Veterans over the years has given her so much respect for those who have served in the military, and an understanding of the unique needs of this community. 

At Wellspring Vitality, because of Liz’s experience, we now accept VA insurance for therapies like massage and acupuncture.  Through November veterans receive a 25% discount on all wellness technologies as our thanks for their service. Use discount code VET25 when you book online or mention the discount when you book over the phone.

For Veteran’s Day, Liz wrote a piece for the High Country Shopper you can read that article below. How are you honoring Veteran’s Day this year? We plan to participate in the local Veteran’s events and hope to see you there!

Stop by for tea and to swap military stories with Liz. We would love to have you at the wellness center.

Love people, love vitality.

The Wellspring Vitality Team

Many people don’t know that I served in the USAF from 1990-1996 as a Russian and Chinese linguist. Far fewer know that I almost died in the line of service. I was in a torture simulation during POW training where I was made to drink gallons of water and not allowed to urinate.  This resulted in a grand mal seizure and a hospital stay. This traumatic event in my short military career cannot touch the stories of those who served in combat or other stressful situations. 

I am so appreciative that the Veteran’s Administration (VA) has created a medical benefits package that holistically serves the ongoing needs of veterans. They offer not only free medical services but also complementary services to deal with ongoing pain, emotional stress, and trauma responses. These maladies of the veteran are often embedded in the body due to the horrific nature of what many experience in their tenure of military service. Here is the list of complementary services that they provide with healing and support of those who have served honorably in mind: Acupuncture, biofeedback, clinical hypnosis, guided imagery, massage therapy, meditation, Tai Qi, Qigong, and yoga. 

I have worked with veterans for decades and what I have found is true heroes.  Men and women who brought honor and integrity into their lives despite the pain and war wounds that they carry. Like Amber Fisher, a local acupuncturist, I can say that my vets are some of my favorite clients. The stories I have heard over the years and the healing journey I have been invited to partake in are more poignant and inspiring than any paltry award I ever received when I was on active duty. 

Steve is a veteran and a long-time client for the last nine years. He is a Vietnam vet who served honorably and returned with PTSD.His time in combat has affected relationships, and yet his family and friends are the most important focus that he has in his life.  He has struggled through so much and now struggles to walk again after West Nile almost took him. He has overcome so much and he will overcome this latest health issue… Despite all of this, he is passionate about his work with fellow veterans to support multiple orphanages for tribal peoples in Vietnam. Nothing makes him happier than describing a building project completed or telling me about the kids’ regimented schedules each day and that they have sent so many of these orphans to college. His life is a bright light.

I’ve been working with Larry, another Vietnam vet, now for about 6 years. His heart is to serve. His time in Vietnam was traumatizing, to say the least, but this gentleman has done a lot of work in therapy and service to others as a large part of his healing. This man has volunteered countless hours to serve this community with addiction recovery work, helping with irrigation, and even digging ditches.

Jim has only been in my treatment room once, but he lives in constant nerve pain from the gasses that were sprayed on him in the field of battle. He is strong and courageous; unflinching and stalwart in his commitment to his family.  He doesn’t make excuses, but works hard on his ranch every day, deciding to move through the pain. “I’m just so thankful I got to watch my daughters grow up. I can’t ask for much more than that.”

John works out, plays jazz music on his drums, and volunteers at the local winery to harvest and tend the grapevines. He cares about local and national politics, wanting peace and an end to tyrannical rulers and injustice. These are our neighbors. These people form the fabric of our community, and I am grateful that the VA is willing to offer this level of care and proud to be on the front lines working to provide it. 

Right now, Wellspring is compiling a list of vets who have pain, even if it isn’t from military service, and who are looking to improve vitality and quality of life. We are creating a list so that when we are “all systems go” we can pull the trigger on providing relief of pain. I reached out to an acquaintance who is around my age, and he deferred the offer, saying that, “there are other vets that need this more.” I think it’s important to underline that even if the pain a vet is carrying isn’t from combat, the VA offers this as a part of their long-term healthcare model. This is exemplary and as vets take advantage of this service in Delta County, they are also choosing local and supporting the wellness providers to grow their effectiveness in the community. 

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