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Kellyn Kirch

By August 15, 2021Holistic Provider
Kellyn Kirch Massage Therapist

Kellyn Kirch

Neuromuscular Therapist, Somatic Mindbody Therapist, & Yoga Instructor

Kellyn Kirch moved from a small town in Vermont to Gunnison Colorado with the intention to play in the snow and study pre-med biology and botany. She fell in love with the Gunnison Valley and all of its activities. After attending Western State College of Colorado she completed a yoga teacher training through Yoga World Reach, in Crested Butte. Soon after, Kellyn graduated from Mountain Heart School of Bodywork where she received certification in transformational neuromuscular therapy, somatic mindbody therapy, and spa therapy.

Kellyn has been licensed and insured with the state of Colorado since. Having experience in fast paced spas, and integrative therapy centers, she is able to approach the body with respect and effectiveness. Her goal is to treat each individual, as an individual, using a blend of techniques in order to achieve optimal results.

Kellyn LOVES plants, being kissed by mountain air, and any adventure with her two best friends (one who has 2 legs, the other who has 4). She is so thrilled to begin rooting herself within the North Fork Valley, and can’t wait to meet you!

To whom it may concern,
I would like to share a story of how Kellyn Kirch helped me begin a long and necessary healing process through massage therapy. As a child I suffered from torticollis, “cured” during a fall at the age of 8. After months of traction and endless scans it seemed as though my suffering was over.
Fast-forward 37 years. I’d never enjoyed a massage - ever, and quickly re-gifted any massages given to me, they were always uncomfortable and painful. But now, I was losing feeling in my fingers and it was moving up my arm. I’d been disillusioned by chiropractors and turned to a physical therapist for one last ditch effort to use my arm again. My PT recommended a massage before each treatment to loosen the muscles that had been working overtime for nearly 40 years. I was not excited.
I knew Kellyn as a kind and gentle human who was also a massage therapist. I gave her a call. She listened to my story and my fears with compassion and a genuine interest in helping me heal. It was the first massage I’d received that felt like how other people explain it - because it wasn’t just a massage. It was a thoughtful balance of bodywork. I’ve been to Kellyn several times now and I’ve never been disappointed. She has a keen understanding of the body and a willingness to heal, not simply, massage. It is with my whole self that I recommend strongly, adding Kellyn’s work to your program. She will not only be a wonderful person to work with, but she will bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to your clientele.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day,

Elise MeierCrested Butte, CO

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