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Considering a Membership?

Call or message us now to schedule a tour and we will help you pick the best fit for your wellness goals and help you get the best deal.  We offer corporate and couples discounts.  Unsure about a six month commitment?  We’ve got you covered!  We offer one-month trial memberships to get you started!


$ 135-155

per month
  • Experience the Ceragem Korean massage bed, infrared sauna, MitoRed light, and unlimited access to the salt therapy room. As a member, you receive discounts on exercise with oxygen therapy sessions and all our provider’s therapy sessions.
  • 4 Ceragem sessions per month
  • 10% off EWOT
  • 10% off all providers holistic care services & merchandise
  • Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions
  • 6 Infrared Sauna Sessions
  • 8 MitoRed Sessions
  • Fitness/Movement Zone- Stretching, Restorative Movement
  • Average Monthly Value: $500
  • Singles Monthly Membership Rate: $155
  • Family/Corporate Monthly Membership Rate: $135 (per person)


$ 135-155

per month
  • Put in the work with unlimited access to fitness classes and personalized training on the Vibra Pro plate. Along with these fitness services you will receive sauna and MitoRED sessions and discounted therapy from all our providers.
  • Access to all Fitness Classes
    (Live & Virtual Community via private Facebook group)
  • Fitness/Movement Zone Access for Workouts
  • Vibra-Pro Training- Up to 3 sessions per week.
  • Vibra-Pro Training – 2 Free Personal Training Sessions
  • 1 Ceragem Session per month
  • 10% off EWOT
  • 10% off all providers holistic care services & merchandise
  • 2 Infrared Sauna Sessions per month
  • 4 MitoRED Sessions/Month
  • Average Monthly Value: $500
  • Single Monthly Membership Rate: $155
  • Family/Corporate Monthly Membership Rate: $135 (per person)


$ 175-195

per month
  • Access all of our amenities at massive savings with this subscription. Workout with a trainer on the Vibra-Pro, join in all fitness classes, and receive a 25% off discount on LiveO2. Unwind on the Ceragem, in the salt room or infrared sauna, or enjoy discounted therapeutic sessions with each of our providers.
  • Access to all fitness classes (live and virtual)
  • Vibra-Pro Training up to 3 sessions per week
  • Vibra-Pro Training- 2 check ins
  • 4 Ceragem Sessions per month
  • Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions
  • 6 Infrared Sauna Sessions per month
  • 8 MitoRed Sessions Per month
  • Fitness Movement Zone Stretching
  • Restorative Movement
  • 10% off all provider’s holistic care services & merchandise
  • Free Paid Wellspring Workshops (1 per month) *Not free from other providers
  • 25% off EWOT
  • Average Monthly Value: $2,462
  • Singles Monthly Membership Rate: $195
  • Family/Corporate Monthly Membership Rate: $175 (per person)

Live O2

$ 185-200

Per Month
  • Exercise with oxygen therapy is an incredible exercise modality used by professional athletes and at dedicated brain and trauma recovery centers throughout the US. We are excited to offer these services in a membership. The LIVE 02 membership is the best way to see consistent results affordably.
  • 12 Sessions per month
  • 1 training check-in session with a trainer is included each month
  • Must purchase a mask (Standard- $75//Premium-$200)
  • 2 Salt Room Therapy Sessions
  • Average Monthly Value: $630+
  • Single Monthly Membership Rate: $200
  • Family/Corporate Monthly Membership Rate: $185 (per person)

Custom Membership

Memberships can be tailored exactly to fit your needs. If you find yourself wanting to mix and match we are happy to sit down with you and create a custom membership. Give us a call or email lexi@wellspringvitality.com to discuss the package you would like and we will create a custom quote for your exact wellness needs.

Corporate Memberships

We are inspired when we have the chance to collaborate with your business or non-profit to create unique wellness services tailored to your employees and volunteers’ needs. We want to help you invest in your team’s productivity and long-term health.
For more information and to schedule a consultation, give us a call or e-mail Nina Worley at nina@wellspringvitality.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work this into my schedule?

Let us know what your optimal usage times are and we will see how we can accommodate you. Wellspring Vitality is open every day except Saturday, from 9-6. If your schedule doesn’t fit into those times we are happy to find a unique solution for you.

What if the cost is too much?

If you find yourself visiting Wellspring even once a month, membership will more than pay for itself. If you find that none of the memberships reflect how you would utilize the space, contact Lexi Vernon by calling during business hours or emailing her at lexi@wellspringvitality.com to create a custom membership that fits your needs and budget. 

How do I pay?/When am I billed?

You are signed up as a member in Vagaro where you make wellness bookings. As a member you agree to retain your membership for 6 months, with the billing occurring at the same date as your initial payment in the first month. We do offer a 1 month trial for those wanting to just try it out prior to signing up for committed membership. 

I didn't come in for a month, can I put that payment towards the next month?

In the event that you cannot come to Wellspring for a month, alert our team and we will work with you to make sure your wellness needs are met. Unused services won’t transfer, but on a case-by-case basis we can pause a membership.

Can I just walk in? Or do I need to book an appointment as a member?

With COVID19 protocols we recommend either reserving your appointment online or calling to make sure that there is availability at the time you would prefer. To ensure the health of our clients and staff we follow cleaning protocols and limited number of people in the building at one time. After COVID, we still recommend booking ahead as a way to ensure that all the services are here waiting for you when you need them. 

How are memberships affected by COVID19 protocols?

We do have to abide by occupancy guidelines, so we encourage members to book their sessions ahead of time whenever possible to ensure they get the care they desire. 

Can I place a pause on my membership?

All changes to a membership will be discussed and remedied on a case by case basis. Contact our team and we will make sure your wellness needs are met. 

I need to cancel my membership. At what point can I make a cancellation?

If you are in the 1 month trial period you must make a cancellation prior to the end of the month. Otherwise you will have to wait until the first 6 months of membership are completed to cancel.