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Mito-Red Near/Far Infrared

By March 19, 2020January 14th, 2021Wellness Technology

Wellspring Vitality invites you to enjoy pure sunlight without the burn with our Mito Red Light Therapy. Red and Near Infrared light are an FDA approved therapy that has been found to directly increase the energy production at a cellular level. The Mito Red shines both of these types of light, the red between 620nm-700nm and all wavelengths of near infrared light between 800-880nm.

The therapeutic benefits of this therapy include:

  • Hair loss reversal – in a small study men with androgenic alopecia hair loss was reversed with red light therapy.
  • Faster wound healing time – many studies over time have found that there is a link between red light therapy and increased healing recovery times.
  • Pain relief – red light therapy is shown to relieve chronic lower back pain in this 2006 study.
  • Increased skin health – users of red light therapy found increased complexion and skin feeling in this study on the benefits of this therapy.
  • Increased cognitive function – this therapy is currently being studied and with promising results for dementia and alzheimers patients.

Come into the wellness center and round out your massage, or workout with the Mito Red light therapy to increase overall relaxation and wellness of the body.


  • 15 minutes $10
  • 10 Pack $85

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