Packages and Punchcards

Wellspring Vitality offers wellness technologies ala carte and with discounts on punchcards and packages. Packages thoughtfully combine wellness technologies to increase the benefits of the therapies and provide a relaxing session at the spa. View the full menu below and book online or give us a call at (970) 872-9355. 


Therapeutic Packages

  • $49 Lungevity Cleanse – 60 minutes This package is designed to support the respiratory system. Begin with 20 minutes of active oxygen therapy using the LiveO2. Our team will guide you through breathing exercises while you oxygenate your body wearing an oxygen mask and gently moving your body. Follow this therapy up with 20 minutes in the Infrared Sauna to improve circulation, facilitating a detox after the LiveO2. End the session with 20 minutes in the Salt Room. Heated microparticles of salt are inhaled into the respiratory system to clear airways, promote healing, and kill molds and bacteria. Each of these therapies has the added benefit of being beneficial for your immune system, skin, energy levels, and circadian rhythms. Add On the Ceragem Korean Massage Bed or MitoRed Light Therapy for a full spa experience. 
  • $64 Complete Body Reset – 75 minutes When you combine the Lungevity Cleanse with a BEMER session to start and end the package you will treat your entire body to a cellular-level spa day.  Begin with 8 minutes on the BEMER and increase your circulation by 29%, and end the session with another 8 minutes to amplify the benefits of the LiveO2, Sauna, and Salt Room.  Add on the Ceragem Korean Massage Bed or MitoRed Light Therapy for a full spa experience.
  • $43 Immune Boost – 55 minutes Experience the Mito Red Light Therapy, Infrared Sauna, and Salt Therapy. This powerful trio works amazingly together to promote and sustain a healthy immune system. MitoRed Light Therapy promotes energy production on a cellular level, which directly aids the body in supporting skin health, hair growth, joint pain relief, and so much more. Immediately followed by the infrared sauna and salt therapy to further support immune health. Add on the Ceragem Korean Massage Bed or BEMER for a full spa experience.
  • $58 Flow Recovery Package – 60-90 minutes This package is designed to directly benefit circulation and boost energy in the body. Begin and end the package with 8 minutes on the BEMER. The circulation restoration therapy is immediately followed by a 20-minute acupressure massage on the Ceragem Korean massage bed. Then soak in the infrared sauna for up to 60 minutes. Add on the MitoRed Light or Salt Therapy for a full spa experience.

Wellness Technology Punchcards

  • $225 LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy is a cutting-edge therapy that increases physical performance, aids the body in healing, and promotes circulatory health. For $225 enjoy 10 sessions on the LiveO2. (Must buy personal mask Must have separate demo session with a trainer- Not included in the package.)
  • $250 Ceragem Korean Massage Bed The Ceragem uses jade rollers, infrared heat, and specialized sensors to create a massage and acupressure experience unique to your body. This package includes 10 Sessions of 20 minutes or 40 minutes on the Ceragem Massage Table. Packages may be shared with family members. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • $150 Infrared Sauna Enjoy 10 sessions each 55 Minutes in the Infrared Sauna. Bring your partner, friend, or family member with you for relaxing bonding time. Packages may be shared with family members. Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Friends are welcome to join you to use one of your punches however, you must accompany them during the appointment.
  • $90 Core Transformation Fitness Classes Liz Evans, massage therapist and creator of Core Transformation Fitness offers daily classes that involve deep core exercises, breathwork, and gentle stretching. This package includes 10 hours of class time for all Core Transformation classes including Classic, Bounce (class includes trampolines), and Balance. 
  • $700 Neurofeedback This non-invasive therapy trains your brain in new patterns of thinking. This punch card is good for 10 sessions with Nina. 
  • $100 BEMER Circulation Restoration Therapy This 10-pack punchcard for the BEMER is perfect for those looking to support healing and improve physical performance. 
  • $135 Salt Room Frequent Salt Therapy is linked to lower respiratory infection rates, increased energy, and clearer skin. This 10-pack punchcard is your ticket to experiencing the full benefits of halotherapy. 
  • $85 MitoRed Light Increase energy production, speed healing times, and promote healthy skin with the MitoRed Light Therapy. This 10-pack punchcard is perfect for those interested in supporting their body’s energy production.