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Self Care Tips with Holistic Wellness Coach

By March 15, 2023December 7th, 2023Blog, Resources

We are excited to share this Vitality University mini-workshop with you! In this workshop, join Liz and Holistic Wellness Coach Leslie Parker to discover a self-care strategy that is sustainable and doesn’t lead to burnout. Our “all or nothing” culture often stops us from realizing a self-fulfilled life, and the biggest change that has to happen to avoid this is to instead aim for a little of something every day.

In this mini workshop, Leslie and Liz break down self-care into four principles: Nourish, Move, Connect, & Be.

The workshop is 30 minutes. We recommend brewing yourself a cup of tea, having a pad of paper ready for notes, and watching this in a comfortable place.

Holistic Self Care Strategies Watch Guide

0:00-3:20 Introductions

3:21 Four Principles: Nourish, Move, Connect, Be

3:40 Japanese secret to longevity

7:00 Nourish – Setting intentions and Trying Softer

18:18 Move – flowing into creativity

20:20 Connect & Be in Gratitude

28:10 Amy Cuddy TED Talk

29:32 Self Care Ideas

31:15 Book Recommendation: The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleansing by Margareta Magnusson


Have questions or recommendations for upcoming workshops? Send an email to Liz and Leslie! We cannot wait to hear from you.

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