Our 1st offering:
Massage Membership

It’s so busy these days for all of us and even though good self care is a priority, we often don’t think about it until it’s too late to reach out and call to schedule a bodywork session.
That’s why I’ve decided to streamline the self-care process and help you save money at the same time. Once you register, all you have to do is set up your automatic billing in a matter of minutes and go online and schedule your sessions!
1) Save $$ off of my regular therapeutic hourly rate.
2) Save even more when you schedule any service on my menu.  All services and add-ons like cupping, kinesiology taping, healing stone massage and more are available at no extra charge.
3) 1-4 hours a month at $70/hr
4) 5-8 hours a month at $65/hr
5) Easy, regularly scheduled bodywork without stressing. Easy online scheduling. Regular therapeutic bodywork releasing your body, mind & soul!

Punch Cards

Ozone Sauna

10 Sessions for $275
20 Sessions for $540

Infrared Sauna

10 Sessions for $90

Fitness Class Punch Card

10 Sessions for $90

Korean Massage Beds

10 Sessions for $250 (36 minutes)
Month Daily Pass: $350

EWOT Punchcard

10 Sessions for $125

MitoRed Light

Package of 10 Sessions $125
Month Daily Pass: $295

VIBE Plate

10 Sessions Self-Serve $150
10 Sessions Self Serve + EWOT $250

Spa Night Rental

The Wellspring can work with clients to customize an “after-hours” spa night for groups of 10-20. They will pay to rent out the whole facility and for the treatments and therapists that they engage.