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Sleep Deep Mini Retreat

By November 19, 2021November 30th, 2021Events
Sleep Deep Retreat

Sleep Deep Mini Retreat December 5th, 3-6pm

Event will be held at the Hotchkiss Yoga Tree, just upstairs from Wellspring Vitality at 110 S 7th Street, Unit C, Hotchkiss.

Tickets are $30 a person.

Purchase Tickets Online or call (970) 872-9355.

Prepare your mind, body, and spirit to choose rest and peace over the holiday season. At the Sleep Deep Mini Retreat learn breathwork, movement, nutrition, scientific and hands-on strategies to relax and sleep deeply. Holistic providers will present mini-workshops and movement sessions which will be followed by a gong bath by Brian Dickinson. You will leave refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to relax.

Providers offering sleep therapies at the retreat include:

  • Dr. Shklovsky – Specializes in dental appliance therapy as a replacement for CPAP and a solution to TMJ. She will present a mini-workshop and offer private consultations during the event. 
  • Liz Evans – is a massage therapist and creator of Core Alignment Therapy and Core Transformation, she will present a mini-workshop of meditation, self-massage, and breathing exercises.
  • Kellyn Kirch – massage therapist and yoga instructor will present a mini-workshop of gentle yoga practice and local medicinal herbs and foods for sleep.
  • Margaret Hollander – Offers reflexology sessions throughout the event as a restorative practice throughout the session.
  • Brian Dickinson – the gong bath artist will end the afternoon with a soothing one hour gong bath.

Participants will leave ready to settle into deep rest at home. We recommend bringing a yoga mat, water, and a loved one to the Sleep Deep Mini Retreat. Let this holiday season be one of peace and tranquility.

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