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Summer Staycation Wellness Membership

Along with the seasons our levels of busyness and productivity ebb and flow. With these shifts in rhythm, it is so important to invest in self-care. The Staycation creates a high-end wellness retreat in your backyard at an affordable price. Enjoy Vitality Membership for two months as well as package of therapies to schedule at your leisure for another two months.

“Hot girl” summer? More like self-care summer.


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Self Care 

the practice of activities that are necessary to sustain life and health, normally initiated and carried out by the individual for him- or herself. – Oxford Dictionary

Self-care is a long-term investment. Dietary and physical choices you make today directly impact tomorrow and decades to come! These choices can be fulfilling and fun, no reason to dread a flavorless meal or a joyless fitness regimen. Wellspring Vitality offers cutting-edge wellness technologies and holistic providers so you can enjoy some self-care without the high cost of a wellness retreat.

Create a wellness retreat in your backyard that truly changes your habits and creates long-lasting health. Our staff will work with you to build strength, overcome chronic conditions, and match you to holistic providers as a Staycation Member.

Change your health. Change your mind. Restore your spirit with a Staycation.

Vitality Summer Staycation Membership

Reset your health and wellness on a budget during the summer months.

The Vitality Summer Staycation is $195 each month for three months. This membership has a $7,500 value.

For the first two months, this includes: 

  • Access to virtual fitness classes
  • Access to in-person fitness classes
  • Access to the Movement Zone
  • Unlimited Vibra-Pro Sessions
  • 50% Off Vibra-Pro Initial Training
  • 8 Ceragem Sessions per month
  • Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions*
  • 8 Infrared Sauna Sessions per month
  • Unlimited MitoRed Sessions*
  • Free workshops with Liz Evans from Handson Bodyworks

*Unlimited meaning 1 session per day.

To ease back into the fall season, we stretch the third month of membership over two months. In the last two months book the following therapies as they fit into your schedule: 

  • 4 Ceragem Massage Bed Sessions
  • 4 Infrared Sauna
  • 4 Salt Therapy Sessions
  • 4 MitoRed Light Therapy Sessions
  • 10% Off Hands On Therapies & Local Products

Come in and tour the facility to see if a Staycation is right for you. Just ask for the Vitality Orientation. Call us for your wellness needs at (970) 872-9355. 

Wellsprings Vitality is my new favorite place in Hotchkiss. The staff is affable, professional and so knowledgeable. Liz is sweet and smart and truly, I feel, interested in my health and my goals regarding it. Anna, at the front desk, is excellent at making me feel welcomed and always ready to help me “get to work!” If you are interested in a state-of-the-art, “more than a gym” experience, buy a monthly membership and let the staff work with you on their equipment and introduce you to all their unique services… after a good “work-in”, I like to take a “nap” in the Salt Room… just delightful and totally fulfilling!
Thank you, WV Staff!

Peter Roy