VA Billing Available Soon at Wellspring

The North Fork’s Wellness Center is in the final stages of approval to accept VA Insurance for massage, acupuncture, and circulation restoration therapy. Additional Wellspring services will be offered to veterans at a discounted price. To achieve your wellness goals, whether it be to build strength, ease pain, or relax the brain, Wellspring Vitality is the place to be. 


Increase physical performance with gentle fitness therapies, like exercise with oxygen therapy using LiveO2 and vibrating plate technology like the Vibra Pro. Our physical trainers, nutritionists, and alternative health providers will help you reach your goals.


Maintain a level of self-care so you can feel your best mentally and physically. Enjoy and unwind at the wellness center with massage bed, sauna, salt therapy, and many other wellness technologies and therapists.


Struggling with pain and discomfort and looking for alternative therapies besides prescriptions? At Wellspring experience relief with wellness technologies, acupuncturists, Neuroptimal Neurofeedback, circulation restoration therapy, IV therapy, Massage therapists, and much more.

Liz Evans, the owner of Wellspring Vitality, is herself an Air Force Veteran and is deeply aware of the needs in this community. Her goal is to offer accessible wellness therapies to her local community. Working with VA Insurance is one of the many programs she is pursuing to make sure anyone can get the services they need to live a life of vitality. 

Get on the list to be contacted when you can use your VA insurance to access massage, acupuncture, and circulation restoration therapy by calling us at (970) 872-9355 or by filling out the form below.