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We Kissed Amazon Goodbye! Why?

By January 12, 2022Blog
Amazon Packages

Like many of you, we are taking a public and private stand against the business practices of industry giant, Amazon. Nowadays you can hardly go a week without reading a new story regarding Amazon’s poor treatment of their employees. Just one example of many would be how upper management valued the bottom line over the safety of their employees in the face of the 2021 tornado. During this catastrophic event that killed 6 employees, managers instructed drivers to continue delivering. They are taking advantage of both blue-collar and white-collar workers with a culture that does not honor their human needs.  

We can no longer ignore these systemic issues for the benefit of fast and efficient delivery times for our business. We commit to taking the extra time to find independent providers and whenever possible to choose local sources. This is not fast or convenient, but it is important to us to put our money into systems that create respectful and fair job opportunities. Sourcing will take more time and energy but we are excited for the relationships we will build along the way. 

Kissing Amazon goodbye is not about joining in cancel culture and singling out a group with ill intentions. If they were to resolve these issues we would be happy to support them in the future! We are making this decision based on our core values as a company. 

We Kissed Amazon Shopping GoodbyeWhen we source products for Wellspring we will seek companies that respect life, healing, and connection. It is also important that we choose business relationships with companies that encourage respect and love for those who are different from them. The source is important, not just on a physical level.  We seek to come from a place of love because the Creator is love. When you source your wellness from Wellspring you know that as a company we hold ourselves to these values for our staff right down to where we source cleaning supplies. 

An example of the value we put into our business would be our water filtration system. We spent over $6000 to make sure that the water is clean from the known toxins in the Hotchkiss water system.  We make no extra money on this service, but we want to make sure that everything you source at Wellspring is serving your holistic well-being. 

We will pay the higher price and forego convenience to provide our services that are truly holistic for not just our clients but for our suppliers’ employees as well. Because our bottom line is that people always matter more!

Do you have a local product that a wellness center would require to operate? Reach out to us! We are excited to support good businesses, especially those of our neighbors. 

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