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What is Community Supported Wellness?

By March 19, 2023February 2nd, 2024Blog, Deals

Community-supported agriculture or a CSA allows your local food producers to have community support for their labor of love. Community-supported models allow your local producers to offer the best quality produce at the best price. Participating in a community-supported wellness model like ours allows you to help grow the therapeutic offerings of Wellspring while enjoying the benefits of wellness therapies daily!

You can watch Liz describe her dream of a Community Supported Wellness Membership in this Youtube Short.

We are passionate and driven to make wellness more affordable and accessible. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood wellness CSA. You get shares in life-changing therapies and you help healers to make a living in this gorgeous valley.

CSAs allow farmers to plan ahead and expand their offerings. That is our aim in expanding our membership services for 2023. Why do we want to expand our membership numbers? So that we can provide you with –

  • Cold Plunge Pools

  • Japanese Soaking Pools

  • Expanded Fitness Classes & Classroom space

  • Additional Sauna

  • Additional Wellness Providers

  • Red Tent Experience

At Wellspring Vitality our aim is to provide a community you can heal with. With every expansion and change our first question is, “will this enhance our culture of care and connection?” This is where healing begins, in a community that builds up its members.

Our Community Supported Wellness has three tiers, another similarity to your CSA!

Vitality Lite – $95 Ideal for the once-a-week visit to brush up on therapies you love.

Vitality Plus – $155 Access to all wellness technologies including LiveO2 Sessions.

This monthly subscription does require a year’s commitment for those savings.

Choosing to care for yourself and expand wellness access to the North Fork Valley has never been easier. You can learn more about our memberships on our website or schedule a complimentary Vitality Orientation. There we can plug you into a routine that best suits your health goals regardless of your budget!

If you have been on the fence when it comes to membership. You can sign up for a trial month without the year-long commitment. Until the end of March, the Vitality Trial Membership is 10% off. You can purchase this and give membership a try on our Vagaro Page, or by giving us a call.

Even if a membership is not something you can afford right now we would love to find ways to help you experience the healing your body needs. What would you like to see from us as we expand? Send us an email! We would love to hear directly from you about how we can support you best.

Thank you for being a pivotal part of our community.

Watch a video about our Covid Policy and precautions