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Considering a Membership?

Access the Wellspring Vitality amenities at massive savings with one of our memberships. The Vitality membership is only available to locals living within 35 miles of Wellspring and has a monthly value of $550-$4,000+ depending upon which option you choose and how often you visit.

Your first step: call us to schedule a complimentary Vitality Orientation to see for yourself what a membership has to offer at (970) 872-9355.


Consistency Creates Results

Your wellness is an investment that requires consistency.  Membership allows for the frequency necessary to see healing and transformational results in your body, mind, and spirit in a short period of time. 

Saving Money

We want to incentivize your wellness journey by making therapies affordable. When you sign up as a member you save $1,000s a month, versus paying a la carte prices for services.

Personalized Care

Encouraging a habit of wellness is not easy at first. That’s why we are committed to creating relationships with our members. Wellspring Vitality staff make sure you make the most of the services so that you can enjoy life-changing results. 

Limited Quantity

Our facility can currently only host 150 members. To enjoy these incredible savings it is important to jump into the program quickly. We want to make wellness easily accessible to anyone!



The Vitality membership offers big savings for the wellness enthusiast. Access all of the Wellspring Vitality amenities at massive savings with this monthly subscription*. Two tiers of membership make the wellness center even more accessible than ever before. 

*Each membership subscription requires a commitment of 12 months.


$ 95

per monthThis membership includes one visit to the wellness center a week. Perfect for someone looking to visit the Wellness Center once a week. This membership includes

  • 6 Core Transformation Fitness Classes
  • 4 Infrared Sauna Sessions
  • 4 Mito Red Sessions
  • 4 Ceragem Massage Bed Sessions
  • 4 Vibra Pro Sessions (not including the trainer session)
  • 4 Salt Therapy Sessions

Average Monthly Value – $550


$ 155

per monthThis membership is an all-access pass to the amenities at the wellness center. Come in up to once a day to enjoy the wellness technologies. This membership includes: 

  • Access to Core Transformation fitness classes
  • Access to the Movement Zone
  • Unlimited Vibra-Pro Sessions
  • 50% Off Vibra-Pro Initial Training
  • Unlimited* LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Sessions**
  • Unlimited Ceragem Sessions per month
  • Unlimited Salt Therapy Sessions
  • Unlimited Infrared Sauna Sessions per month
  • Unlimited MitoRed Sessions
  • Unlimited Circulation Restoration Therapy with the BEMER
  • Free workshops with Liz Evans from Handson Bodyworks
  • When you purchase 2 memberships get 1 group LiveO2 training session.

Average Monthly Value – $3000

*Unlimited meaning 1 session per day. 

**LiveO2 usage requires personal oxygen mask purchase and initial personal training check-in.


Exercise with oxygen therapy is an incredible exercise modality used by professional athletes and brain and trauma recovery centers. Our previous membership structure was $200 for the LiveO2 membership and $200 for the Vitality Membership. Now for the cost of one, you receive access to the entirety of the wellness center. The Vitality Plus Membership includes access to LiveO2 and BEMER Circulation Restoration Therapy.


Our community is what makes Wellspring Vitality so special. As our business grows it is our goal to give back to this incredible community. Once we reach 50 members, $10 of each membership will be donated to a local charity or nonprofit. That is $500 monthly, which will only scale as we increase our membership numbers. Consistent self-care doesn’t just create a more balanced life for you, it also gives back to your community.

At the 75-member mark, we will expand our operating hours to better accommodate our community. Once there are 150 Vitality Members, the wellness center will break ground on the Hydrotherapy Park, to include a cold plunge, Japanese soaking tubs, outdoor showers, and more. 

Help us reach our goal by inviting others to the Wellspring Vitality membership program!

I’ve been going to WellSpring on a weekly basis for the last year and a half and I’ve found it to be a powerful affirmation of self care. Just having a scheduled-in segment of time every week to be with my body and reset my nervous system has increased my overall sense of well-being. I wasn’t expecting this, but my asthma has gone away – even seasonally. I would highly recommend the salt room to anyone with respiratory issues.



Let us know what your optimal usage times are and we will see how we can accommodate you. Wellspring Vitality is open Monday through Friday 9-6 and Sundays 12-5. If your schedule doesn’t fit into those times we are happy to find a unique solution for you. 

As a member, you agree to retain your subscription for 12 months. Billing reoccurs on the same date as your initial payment. The wellness center provides a one-month trial membership if requested before committing to 12 months. 

We do honor our reservations first and foremost. To ensure you can receive the therapy you want when you want it we recommend making an appointment. We always welcome a drop in and we will fit you into the therapy you want as soon as it is available! 

If you are in the 1 month trial period you must make a cancellation prior to the end of the month. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the first 6 months of membership are completed to cancel. All changes to membership will be discussed and remedied on a case-by-case basis. Contact our team and we will make sure your wellness needs are met. 

We do provide custom corporate memberships for businesses and non profits at Wellspring Vitality.  Fill out a corporate questionnaire and we will create a custom fit for you. Give us a call to discuss your business or info@wellspringvitality.com

Adding a family member to your plan is discounted. Due to our already low pricing structure, we will maintain our current pricing for each adult, but we want to incentivize family participation.  

  • Child 6-12 $50
  • Teen 13-18 $75

Give us a call to discuss how many people you would like to add to your membership. For the Vitality Lite membership, there is no discount for adding additional adults to the same plan.

Uncertain you are ready to commit to 12 months? We offer a one month Vitality LIte Membership for $195 and the Vitality Plus for $295. You receive all of the same wellness technologies as listed above, the only difference is that it does not autorenew.