Meet our Staff

Liz Evans

Owner, Founder

Liz Evans has been involved in the wellness field for over 20 years.  She has been a practicing massage therapist ever since she graduated from the Baltimore School of Massage in 2001. She is a certified nutritional counselor, and has been teaching her own brand of fitness and restorative movement, Core Transformation, since 2013.  She is the pioneer of a unique form of bodywork called Core Alignment Therapy and teaches it to other bodyworkers.
Her passion for wellness has led her to open Wellspring Vitality, a true wellness hub, where you can find the best in holistic care practitioners and wellness technologies.  Wellspring Vitality, under her direction, will offer all kinds of ways for people to be empowered as they pursue vitality in their lives: workshops, fitness and movement classes, and group activities that inspire joy.
Joy is, in fact, her middle name.  Other ways that she finds joy? She is a grandparent, mother of six, loves to write, hike, bike, and be in and on the water as much as possible. Worship of the Creator and the thrill of unwinding pain out of people’s bodies and spirits or sharing a gourmet meal with family really inspire and fill her soul. She is currently writing a book about healing from complex trauma. To find out more about Liz, head on over to
Alyson - Front Desk Manager

Alyson Muse

Front Desk Manager

I have lived in Paonia for 5 years and before that in Redstone for 5 years. I’m originally from Georgia and first discovered the western slope when me and my ex-husband were first married and visited, 17 years ago.

I started going regularly to Wellspring after getting a nasty cold a few years ago. I was really depleted and felt like I needed to look into what they had to offer to get me back on track. The salt room was of particular interest to me since I suffered from ongoing allergies and sinus issues. I got a membership and started going in regularly and really felt better physically and mentally. It offered me a way to take time for myself and do the wellness technologies which really helped me to feel my best.

When the opportunity came up to work at Wellspring it felt like a natural fit. I love helping others to feel good and honor themselves through self-care practices. It’s a great team and we are all very passionate about what we do!!

Loretta Columbia

Loretta Columbia

Front Desk

I live on Redlands Mesa with my husband, mother-in-law, and 3 dogs. We have lived here since September 2022.  We came here frequently to visit over the past 8 years. Last summer we finally made the long-awaited move to this beautiful valley. I’m so grateful to call this place home.

One of my passions is integrated health, and healing from the inside. When I brought my mother-in-law to see Liz, I knew I wanted to be part of the Wellspring team.
Melanie Hoshinko

Melanie Hoshiko

Front Desk

I’ve lived here for 4 years.  I moved from Berthoud Colorado.  My husband and I were recently empty nesters and we were excited to move somewhere new that included land for our horses and space to grow our own food.  Hotchkiss felt like the perfect small town for us. 

I kept hearing about how amazing Wellspring was from a friend.  I had been wanting to work closer to home and possibly retire from working full-time for the school district. After meeting Liz and understanding Wellspring’s mission statement to love people and love vitality I was instantly drawn in and realized it was something special I wanted to be a part of.    

Sandy Dix

Billing & Insurance

My name is Sandy Dix and I am super excited to be working for Wellspring Vitality! It makes my heart happy to know that I’m involved with people who truly care about optimizing quality of life for our clients!

Nina Worley

Event Coordinator
I’ve been in the North Fork area for five years and I am a Grand Junction native.
My understanding of essential oils and recognizing their value started when my daughter was 10 months old and she became ill with a mystery diagnosis that was untreatable by western medicine. After trying many natural remedies, nothing worked..until doTerra! After seeing this incredible testimony for myself, I naturally shared doTerra with everyone and built a successful business on accident, by intentionally through serving people and loving them.
My incredible experience encouraged me to live a very natural lifestyle, removing all toxins and chemicals from my house. I began curating my own natural care products, raising bees and harvesting my own beeswax for my body butters and lip balm.
I am passionate about seeing the life transforming effects of doterra and love educating and empowering people to change their lives and take control of their health naturally.

Kristin Nordhausen

Digital Marketing

I have lived on the Western Slope for the last 10+ years, with a brief stint in Salt Lake City. I moved to the North Fork Valley in high school as one of Liz Evan’s children and haven’t been able to leave since! This valley has unparalleled access to the outdoors, locally grown food, and alternative healers it is hard to stay away. 

Blogs, social media, newsletters, and ads are my domain. You won’t see me at the front desk I am in the wings as a support. It is beautiful to be able to give back and make wellness more accessible as a Wellspring Vitality employee!