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Margaret Hollander

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I began studying The Original Ingham Method of reflexology in the early ’90s. Eunice Ingham, an American nurse, began her work studying the zones & the reflexes of the feet in the 1930’s. Her nephew, Dwight Byers continued his aunt’s research thereby creating The International Institute of Reflexology, which has held classes across America & across the world ever since. I have been very privileged to have studied with Dwight & many wonderful teachers through the IIR.

In the last 10 years, I have studied the work of many reflexologists. They have further broadened my understanding of working techniques. I have been blessed to learn of many healthy results others have experienced. Hamish Edgar, a former psychiatric nurse of 45 years has added to the scope of reflexology with his findings of how reflexology treats the limbic brain. I am intrigued by the study and practice of his work and how the “great” toes are directly corrolated to specific parts of the brain.

I am so glad to be able to provide relaxing, healthy treatments at The Wellspring.


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