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By October 11, 2021February 2nd, 2024Wellness Technology

Zyto Scan with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine – Chris Kaufmann

Chris Kaufman is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a Biological Medicine PHD and Alternative Medicine Specialist who provides a powerful scanning solution and homeopathic remedies that are custom to each patient. Dr. Chris has helped thousands of patients utilizing the ZYTO biocommunication scan to find the imbalances within the body and then create a treatment plan.

 This comprehensive scan is as easy as placing your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle while your skilled provider executes a scanning program. The ZYTO hand cradle emits subtle energetic impulses into your hand, your body responds to the communication and the software will record each response. A majority of patients don’t even sense the energetic communication. These scans are performed by Dr. Chris who spends up to two hours with the patient discussing results and creating a treatment plan. 

The ZYTO scans all body systems for biomarkers of imbalance and also the specific treatments that will bring the body back into balance. You will get answers you are searching for in your wellness journey. At the end of the first session you will have a plan for building vitality and health into your body, no matter how challenging your personal situation is.

A two-hour session is $425. Call to book your appointment and get a discount for the first month of service.

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