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5 Massage Techniques to Release Holiday Stress

By December 13, 2023Blog

Over the years, Liz has noticed that many of her clients build up stress and pressure in their head, neck, and shoulders. This results in pain and dysfunction that can lead to acting out of a place of discomfort.

Here are 5 movement practices that will help you release the stress and get back to enjoying the holidays.


#1 Hair Pulling l Watch Liz’s 1-minute-long demonstration.

Ever feel so stressed you want to pull your hair out? A gentle hair pull might be what you need. Gently reach your hands to your scalp and pull hair upwards moving your hands in circular movements. This increased stimulation to your scalp can help to reduce stress and stimulate hair growth!

Bonus: Place your hands on either side of your face and work your hands up and down, with two fingers behind the ears and two fingers in front of your ears.


#2 Neck Massage l Watch Liz’s 1-minute-long demonstration.

Wring the tightness out of your neck, pull the muscles and skin from the back of your neck. Move your head up and down while you rake your fingers from the back of your neck to the top and then down the sides.


#3 Essential Oils

Ease breathing and stress with lavender, peppermint, and lemon essential oils. Use these essential oils in a diffuser to clear airways and relax. These oils could also be placed on your pillowcase, incorporated into your massage oil as you work out the tension in your head and neck, or placed on a bandana to breathe in directly.


#4 Side Swipe Sinus Pain l Watch Liz’s 1-minute-long demonstration.

Around the top of the eye bone, press your second and third fingers together and press against the bones with tension. Walk your fingers along the ridge pressing as you go. Then run your thumbs along either side of your nose, applying consistent pressure to release sinus points.


#5 Crown of the Head Massage l Watch Liz’s 1-minute-long demonstration.

This energetic release is the best way to close out a massage. Begin your massage at the base of your skull, gently kneading the muscles and slowly reaching the crown of your head. Once you get to the crown of the head gently rub in small circular motions.


Combine all 5 massage techniques at the end of the day or when you can feel the tension building in your neck, shoulders, and head.

You might recognize some of these movements if you have ever received bodywork from Liz. If your whole body could use a pressure release, we recommend booking a massage session. You can book Liz or one of the other wonderful therapists from our Holiday Menu or give us a call at (970) 872-9355

We look forward to helping you de-stress and re-center your intentions for the end of the year.

The Wellspring Vitality Team

P.S. Wellspring will be open on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. We will be closed on Christmas Day. Happy holidays!

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