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Baby Steps of Movement Class

By April 5, 2022November 28th, 2022Uncategorized

Want to learn how to get out of pain?

“You can happen to your body, your body doesn’t have to happen to you!”

In the Baby Steps of Movement Class you will learn and embody:

  • Targeted restorative movement routines + access to videos of these routines to practice and get lasting change.
  • Core Walking: transformative movement practice
  • How to reset your hips into balance
  • Neck & shoulder release routines
  • How to sit and stand in a way that tones your core and releases pain & tension
  • Get rid of the ache in your hips by creating balance.

Class will be held April 24th, 5-7PM at Hotchkiss Memorial Hall and online via Zoom. Tickets are $30/per person. Call to reserve your spot or buy tickets at

Watch a video about our Covid Policy and precautions