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Beat the Desk Blues at Wellspring

By June 27, 2023June 29th, 2023Blog

Work from home, or tied to an office? You should know sitting is the new smoking and we have some ideas for how to get your body moving. Let’s start with breaking up your time spent in a chair. Every 30 minutes, stand up, fix your eyes on a distant spot at least 15 feet away, ideally look outside a window, and perform one of these three simple movement routines. 

There is nothing quite like waking up your body! Another idea is during your lunch break or once you are at home, try out this 2 minute facial massage.

These are a few ways to incorporate movement into your day. How else can you support your body and deepen relaxation? There are some relaxing therapies that increase your blood and lymph flow that also allow you to relax. These therapies include the BEMER, Ceragem Korean Massage Bed, and Vibra Pro. 

BEMER Circulation Restoration Therapy

Long periods of sitting stagnate blood circulation. The BEMER circulation restoration therapy device uses a pulsed electromagnetic field which increases blood flow by 29% within 8 minutes of use. You can lay or sit in a reclining chair equipped with the BEMER mat, and a staff member will help you to place an additional mat to target blood flow to a specific area. For best results, we recommend two 8-minute sessions. Split the session around your other planned therapies. 

The BEMER side effects from the increased circulation include: 

  • Local blood flow.
  • Muscle conditioning & recovery.
  • Performance.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Muscular strength.
  • Endurance and energy.
  • Vitality and wellbeing.
  • Stress reduction and relaxation

You can read more about the benefits of the BEMER for those who sit more often in this blog.

Ceragem Korean Massage Bed

Massage is one of the greatest ways to unwind, relax, and also increase circulation! Relax your body after sitting at a desk. The Ceragem hits acupressure points using heated jaded rollers similar to a hot stone massage. These sessions are customized to your individual spine which measures your back to accurately sort out your pain points and knots. This deeply relaxing session is an excellent way to unwind after a long week at your desk. Try the BEMER session before and after your massage session to extend the benefits of increased circulation. 

You can read more about the BEMER and how it helps to relieve tech neck in this blog.

Vibra Pro

Are you up for moving your body? Vibra Pro vibrating plate technology improves lymph flow and builds bone density, even if all you can do is stand on the vibrating plate! Depending upon your energy and fitness levels you could practice some yoga stretches as the plate vibrates beneath your feet. 

When you stand, stretch, and work out on the Vibra Pro your voluntary and involuntary muscles are worked out simultaneously. Vibration plates are being studied extensively and have so far proven to increase bone density also balance and muscle endurance are increased. Whole-body vibration training also has been linked to improved mobility for those with Multiple Sclerosis and COPD.

These wellness therapies help to increase the effectiveness of the small breaks you take during the day. You can book all three of these therapies at Wellspring Vitality in Hotchkiss Colorado. Not nearby but want to use these wellness technologies? Send us an email to and we can assist you in making a purchase of a therapy for your home.

Love people, love vitality.

Wellspring Vitality Team

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