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Best Alternative Therapies for Improving Circulation

By January 11, 2023Blog, Deals

January our theme is to “go with the flow”. Besides the obvious attention we pay to relaxation, this is a time we like also educate on circulatory health. It is difficult to improve your overall health when your circulatory system is not properly supported. This is a foundational health principle. 

When your blood is flowing to and from your heart and your lymphatic system is draining properly you can build up strength and recovery from injuries faster. How do you support the flow within your body? There are many alternative therapies and holistic providers that benefit the circulatory system. Let’s explore the therapies recommended for those concerned with improving circulation

To begin, let’s go over holistic provider offerings. 

Alternative Health Providers Specializing in Circulatory Health

Reiki, Massage, & Core Alignment Therapy, Symphony of the Cells, Reflexology, and Acupuncture

Bodyworkers are key to increasing blood flow in the short term. Reiki is energetic healing work, there are reports of increased blood flow like this one, where a diabetic man experienced restored blood flow to his feet

Massage can manually increase the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body. Take the therapeutic experience to another level with a symphony of cells massage which includes a protocol of essential oils along the hands, feet, and spine to stimulate blood flow. 

Reflexology is another excellent therapy to increase blood flow, the theory of why it works to increase circulation is that the massage of certain acupressure points stimulates the organs and sends additional blood flow to them. 

Another alternative health session we recommend booking is an Acupuncture Session. There are studies to prove the increase in blood flow throughout the body immediately after an acupuncture session. According to Modern Acupuncture, this increase of blood flow is due to acupuncture needles stimulating nitric oxide in the body. “Nitric oxide (NO) is a key regulator of localized blood circulation and the increase in NO leads to greater blood flow and circulation to the tissues.” 

These hands-on therapies are just a few offered at the wellness center that can help you increase blood flow in the body. Book a session during an Acupuncture Clinic day, or any of the above-listed bodywork modalities at – 

There are also wellness technologies designed to increase blood flow. Different from a holistic provider these are therapies you engage in yourself not a therapy that is done to you. 

Wellness Technologies to Support Circulatory Health

Heat, massage, and even light frequencies can stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage. These therapies each have the benefit of increasing your circulatory health: 

BEMER – Circulation Restoration Therapy

The BEMER is a circulation restoration device. Within the first eight minutes of use, the BEMER creates an increase of oxygen in the body by 30% or more. This increase in oxygenation is due to the low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field that the BEMER uses to stimulate local blood flow. This circulation therapy has been found to: 

  • Increase wound healing times.
  • Balance sleep cycles.
  • Increase recovery time from physical training.
  • Reduce stress.

Discover the science behind circulation therapy in this Science Overview from the BEMER Group

Infrared Sauna

Heat alone increases blood circulation within the body. Sitting in an infrared sauna takes the therapeutic benefits a step further. Infrared light boosts ATP production within the cells.This increase in energy production at a cellular level increases oxygen production and circulation. 

At Wellspring Vitality we use the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna which delivers both near and far infrared light.

The benefits of using these wavelengths of light include:

  • Recharge cell mitochondria
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Increases heart health and circulation.
  • Stimulates sweat glands, deep detoxifying sweat
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Increases immune response. 

Ceragem Korean Massage Bed

This FDA approved medical device is used for blood circulation and stress relief. This unique massage bed measures each users spine before applying techniques borrowed from deep tissue massage, chiropractic stretching, massage methods, and far infrared heat. This massage experience combines eastern alternative healing practicies with western science to create a deeply relaxing and healing experience. 

The effects felt by the improved circulatory system health include: 

  • Loosen stiff muscles
  • Reduce Joint pain
  • Reduce pain due to inflammation

Learn more about the benefits of a Ceragem massage at Ceragem Kangen Wellness.

Go with the flow with these therapies. This month we have a special designed to work together to increase circulatory health that includes the BEMER, Ceragem Massage Bed, and Sauna. These three wellness technologies when used back-to-back promote increased blood circulation. Through January enjoy the Flow Recovery Package 20% off. Book at

These passive therapies increase circulation with the added benefit of reducing stress. But what about lymphatic drainage? The final wellness technologies we will discuss in this article are active wellness technologies. 

Fitness Wellness Technologies for Circulatory Health

To get the lymph flowing and continue the benefits you enjoy from passive therapies, you will need to get active. There are many gentle fitness classes ranging from yoga to active cardio on the trampolines that work to get your blood moving. For those short on time or looking to work on personal training, we recommend the LiveO2 and Vibra Pro. 


The LiveO2 is active oxygen training. You are fitted with a personal oxygen mask and pedal while going through a program of highly oxygenated air alternating low oxygen. This training is called Adaptive Contrast. As you switch between high and low oxygen while cycling you achieve optimized circulation and oxygen concentration in the blood. This creates higher oxygenated levels in the blood that would be otherwise difficult to achieve.This high-oxygenated state increases healing and performance in the body. To learn more about Adaptive Contrast, we recommend the article O2 Training VS Therapy


The VibraPro is a vibrating plate designed to enhance workouts. This “Vibe Plate” has three different vibration settings which trigger micro-movements in your muscles to help stabilize your body. The increased tension created by retaining balance while performing stretches or other workout positions increases bone density, improves lymphatic circulation, and enhances physical performance. You will find your workouts to be intensified and condensed to shorter periods of time with incredible results using the VibraPro.

For both of these fitness modalities, we recommend working with a trainer to create a program that fits your goals and abilities.

How Do I Find These Alternative Therapies Near Me? 

Are you local to the North Fork Valley of Colorado? Wellspring Vitality is located in Hotchkiss and has all the above therapies available to the community. You can book any of these therapies online at or by giving us a call at (970) 872-9355. 

If you are not local, first try searching for your preferred therapy and your city name. If you cannot find someone local or you are interested in potentially purchasing a therapy for yourself, we would be happy to assist you. Curating therapies that we truly believe in and have seen such good results in took time, and we would be happy to help you start feeling well as soon as possible. Reach out to us by phone or email with your questions. 

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