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Let’s Celebrate Joyful Movement in April

By March 30, 2023May 2nd, 2023Uncategorized

April our focus is on movement. Not the body-centric approach that says, how can I change my body to be more aesthetic; but the holistic approach that sees movement as a means to a restored soul, mind, and body. Movement instructs your body on releasing stress and tension. The freedom to have energy not consumed by managing pain allows you to love freely and joyfully interact with the world around you. 

Moving your body well leads to deeper self-knowing, increased creativity, and less discomfort.

So, take a discovery walk to take in the lengthening spring days. Participate in a dance class. Ride a bike or a horse. However you most enjoy movement, get out and do it! 

At Wellspring Vitality we have classes, therapies, and practitioners available to help you get back into the flow for spring. Here are some specials to get you moving. 

10% Off Complete Body Reset 

Come in for a whole-body therapeutic experience. This package includes WIM-Hof Method breathing on the Live O2 Oxygen, 20 min Infrared Sauna, 20 min Salt Room & a Physical Vascular Therapy Session. We recommend booking the complimentary Vitality Orientation along with this package.

$10 off Core Transformation 10 Class Punchcard

In April when you purchase a Core Transformation Fitness Class Punch Card get 10 classes for the price of 8. What is Core Transformation? This workout was designed by a massage therapist & bodyworker and combines many traditions of core work and intuitive bodywork traditions into one invigorating and deeply transformative style of focused movement. Think of it as deep tissue massage that works deep into your body as you incorporate effort and breathwork.

This is the Last month to get Vitality Lite Membership at $65/month for a year! 

April is the last month to secure the $65/month Vitality Lite Membership. This price is locked in for 12-month term. Any sign-ups for the membership after May 15th will be charged the increased price of $95/month. 

One-On-One Yoga with Ashley – $50

Do you want a yoga practice that is custom to you? Ashley offers private sessions for up to three people at Wellspring. 


We are also really excited about the events for April. 

Daily Core Transformation Fitness Classes 

Liz Evans of HandsOn Bodyworks teaches these unique deep core work classes. $10 per session. 

Mondays & Thursdays Neurofeedback & Symphony of the Cells

Book Neuroptimal Neurofeedback or aromatherapy session with Nina Worley. 

Wednesdays Reiki & Private Yoga Sessions

Book energetic healing Reiki sessions and private yoga sessions with Ashley. 

April 5th & 9th Acupuncture & CAT Clinic

Restore balance with Core Alignment Therapy from HandsOn Bodyworks and acupuncture from Dr. Turrey.

April 12th & 26th IV Therapy Clinic

Rocky Mountain IV Medic available two dates every month to provide hydration and vitamin delivery.

April 29th North Fork Health & Wellness Fair

Come see our booth at the first annual North Fork Health & Wellness Fair! At the Hotchkiss Heritage Hall.

May 7th Spring Equinox Celebration

Storytelling, Salad, and Sourdough competitions with big prizes! Come and celebrate the beginning of spring! Participation is by donation. 


That is all the wellness center updates we have for today. You can book any of these sessions by giving us a call at (970) 872-9355 or online at –

We hope you choose to cherish yourself today. 

Love people. Love vitality. 

The Wellspring Vitality Team

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