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Altitude Recovery & Lungevity Cleanse

By July 1, 2021December 7th, 2021Deals

Complete Body Reset & Lungevity Cleanse

These two therapeutic packages are the newest additions to the wellness center offerings. The impact wildfires, allergens, and pollutants have on the respiratory system can be remedied! The new packages include:

Lungevity Cleanse

The Lungevity Cleanse is a therapeutic package aimed at clearing pollutants out of your lungs so that you can breathe easily. This therapeutic session takes an hour and includes:

The addition of the sauna to the protocol increases blood flow and white blood cell production in the body. It also creates a detox as the body sweats off impurities. An excellent way to round out salt therapy and LiveO2 oxygen training. Book your session for $49, that is 65% savings off of booking these therapies a la carte. We recommend the 10 package punch card for the best therapeutic results for $395. Or for the best results, a 30 pack for $600.

If you are curious about the results from these therapies watch Karen’s progress through the cleanse on our Facebook.

Complete Body Reset

This is the complete recovery therapy for your respiratory system. This therapeutic package is carefully crafted to increase blood flow, clear pollutants from your respiratory system, and increase lung capacity. This therapeutic package includes

This program adds Physical Vascular Therapy or BEMER to the beginning of the session. This therapy uses PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field,  to increase blood circulation which improves and facilitates muscle performance. Starting off with increased blood flow only increases the positive results of the rest of the therapies. Book your session for $64. Call our team today to schedule your Altitude Recovery.

To book your session call us at (970) 872-9355 or click the button below.


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