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Holistic Nutrition With Our Providers

By March 20, 2022Blog
Wellness Providers: Liz Evans, Margaret Hollander, and HelenBeth Dittrich

Liz, Margaret, and Helenbeth are passionate about nourishing the whole body. While we do believe the best nutritious diet is one with plenty of whole foods and as local as you can make it. Nutrition doesn’t stop with what you put into your mouth, but it also includes all the ways you care for your body.

Let’s go beyond our digestive system and explore how to nourish ourselves. 

First provider is Liz Evans, she explores the idea as movement as nutrition:

“I often share that Movement is Medicine. It is also one of the key ways that we provide proper nourishment to our joints and muscles.  We err when we accept stiffness as a normative condition as we age.  Stiffness can be undone by the proper type of movement.  Movement is the nutrition that your muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves need to remain supple and flexible.  Your strength is found in your flexibility. Lengthening and moving actually stimulate mitochondria production and that is a total game-changer at a cellular level for every body process.  The more you move and lengthen your muscles the more mitochondria production you get. What a great way to feed your whole body!” Liz HandsON Bodyworks

Jump into a Core Transformation Fitness class with Liz to provide nutrition to your muscles, bones, ligaments, and nerves. Check out the schedule here

Helenbeth ties in balanced nutrition with foot health: 

“Can candida cause athlete’s foot? An overgrowth of Candida can cause conditions like athlete’s foot, ringworm and toenail fungus. While not life threatening, skin fungal infections can be very uncomfortable and significantly decrease quality of life. Eating a clean diet and regular foot care is a great place to start!” HelenBeth Dittrich

Natural pedicures are now available at Wellspring Vitality. Book your session and stay for a workshop with Helenbeth.

Finally, an excellent aid to digestion and overall body function is reflexology. Margaret has practiced this ancient healing therapy for almost 30 years and is eager to help you become a part of your own healing process. 

“The healing power of reflexology can also be given to ourselves. We can increase our circulation & help our bodies de-stress, by working on our own feet at home & also our hands at any time we remember to. Besides having connections to all parts of our bodies, our hands directly affect our feet.  I have wooden tools that I use on myself to “get into” tougher places on my own feet. It’s rewarding to be involved in our own healing process.” Margaret Hollander

You can book with Margaret once a week at Wellspring Vitality. Or you may see her nourishing her brain with a neuroptimal neurofeedback session. 

How will you choose to nourish your body today? Our expert providers can help you if you find yourself needing a little guidance. Get in touch with us or stop by so we can help you to create a nutritious lifestyle.

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