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Infrared Sauna Decreases Hot Flashes by 87%

By April 12, 2023April 26th, 2023Blog

A few months ago, Liz Evans increased her time in the infrared sauna and noticed her hot flashes completely stopped. Liz went to Amber Fisher, who is trained in East Asian Medicine, Foundational Medicine, and Neuro-Acupuncture. Amber specializes in hormone balancing and had a theory that using the sauna 3-4 times a week could reduce the frequency of hot flashes.

Their theory is that the sauna soak is a more regulated and comfortable “hot flash” that flushes the body of toxins without the unpredictability and discomfort of a traditional hot flash. 

One of our participants reported her results and we had to share them with you. 

“When I started this experiment I was doing light exercise several times a week. For week 4 and 5, I stopped exercising and noticed the hot flashes increased a tiny bit. Once I added the exercise back in with the sauna, at the end of week 5 my hot flashes decreased even further. It’s important to note I used the sauna 3 times a week for 35 minutes each session.”

In her first week her average was 7.7 hot flashes per day. By week 6 she averaged 1 hot flash per day. That is an 87% decrease in hot flashes! 

Hot flash frequency chart from week one the control through week six.

This is the decrease in hot flashes week by week:

  • End of Week 2: 61% decrease in number of hot flashes
  • End of Week 3: 82% decrease in number of hot flashes
  • End of Week 4: 73% decrease in number of hot flashes
  • End of Week 5: 73% decrease in number of hot flashes
  • End of Week 6: 87% decrease in number of hot flashes

These results are so exciting! She is experiencing stunning results in her menopausal journey as she incorporates light exercise and the infrared sauna. Are you interested in participating in this program to reduce your hot flashes? Whether they are caused by menopause or other health conditions we are excited to see if you could get some relief. 

We recommend the sauna at a minimum of 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session for best results. 

Book your first sauna session at – We also recommend booking a complimentary Vitality Orientation, our team will discuss your health goals and make recommendations to help you achieve those in budget.

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