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Jean Member of the Month

By February 15, 2022Blog

Jean incorporates wellness therapies into her weekly routine as a Vitality Member at massive savings. Her husband is employed at West Elk Mine and they reimburse up to four months of her Vitality Membership. All she has to do is 100 workouts either in live fitness classes, virtual classes, and cutting-edge workouts in our Movement Zone at Wellspring.

As a member, you will see her most often using: Fitness classes with Liz, the Ceragem, and Vibra-Pro.

Jean is just one of the first members to enjoy free therapies. We are excited to now offer West Elk Mine wellness therapies for their employees. Employees and spouses of employees will be reimbursed up to $500 for health and fitness therapies at the wellness center in Hotchkiss. Liz has prioritized making therapies as affordable and accessible to the community as possible. That means working with local businesses to provide health and wellness therapies to their team members.

West Elk Mine employees are invited to come in for a free Vitality Orientation. They will have a planning session with our staff to discuss their health goals and roadblocks. We will provide a free recommended therapy schedule and guide to achieve their goals called the Vitality Syllabus. $500 could translate to 4 months of a customized Vitality Membership where they can enjoy therapies every day we are open if they chose to! The Vitality Orientation can be scheduled online or by calling us during business hours.

Corporate partnerships like the West Elk Mine makes us excited to live and provide wellness to a community that actively looks out and cares for their workforce. Not every region has businesses interested in the health and wellness of their employees and it shows! Businesses that provide for their employees in this way find that they experience lower turnover rates, gain a competitive hiring edge, and experience tax write-offs! It’s a win-win in our book.

Are you interested in providing health and wellness to your employees? Learn more on our Corporate Membership page.

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