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LiveO2 Success Story – Paul

By February 26, 2021Blog

Paul’s LiveO2 success story is nothing short of inspiring. Stories like his are the reason that we come into Wellspring Vitality every day. We are so grateful to offer therapies like this so that even stroke victims can gain a new lease on life. His story proves LiveO2 is a therapy that can be scaled no matter your physical fitness. Read his statement of recovery below.

LiveO2 Success Story – Recovering from a Stroke

On January 7, 2019 Paul suffered a stroke after being released from the hospital from stabilizing Atrial Fibrillation.  Due to this stroke, Paul went from this healthy vibrant 73-year-old man to a near death paralyzed comatose victim.  

December 2018

Paul before his stroke

January 13, 2019

Paul recovering from a stroke

After 14 days hospitalized, Paul came home to be on Hospice.  However, he began to wake up in March and it was assessed that possibly he could regain some abilities in rehab.  On to Montrose Memorial Rehab for 1 month, then 2 ½ months in a Nursing care facility and Home on June 1st.  

Paul at home in a wheelchair

Since that time, he had made some progress, he returned to his beloved Gold’s Gym to work with a trainer, who was very invested in his care.  

Paul working with a trainer at gold's gym

With COVID all progress stopped, until we found out about Wellness Vitality. 

Paul using the LiveO2

Paul is now attending twice a week, he’s invested, has more energy and since his oxygen treatment began in November, he’s now gained enough energy to go back to Golds and work out for an hour after his treatment.  This has been a rejuvenation for both of us, providing hope and health and regained vitality that he’d lost.  Thank you to Liz and her crew, we are now on a new path of living life to the fullest. 

Wellspring Vitality offers many different therapies that can be customized according to your unique health needs. Contact our team to begin your wellness journey at (970) 872-9355.

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