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Lungevity Cleanse Challenge With Karen

By July 13, 2021Blog
Lungevity Cleanse Challenge

The Lungevity Cleanse Challenge with Karen Crews

Karen, one of our amazing front desk representatives, was struggling with intense allergies and the wildfire smoke was only making it worse. She wasn’t sleeping and suffering from sinus headaches. Searching for some kind of relief she started the Lungevity Cleanse Challenge. We have her feedback from the first seven sessions and her results are remarkable! Within the first two sessions she felt relief from her intense allergy symptoms and after 7 sessions she noticed other big changes for her body. (You can read more about why these therapies relieve an inflammatory response in our previous blog post, Salt Therapy and Oxygen Training for Smoke & Allergy Exposure.)

What is the Lungevity Cleanse? This therapeutic cleanse utilizes three different wellness technologies, salt therapy, exercise with oxygen training, and the infrared sauna. One session of the Lungevity Cleanse takes one hour. Participants begin in the salt therapy room, where they breathe in salt particles to induce a cleanse of allergens in their respiratory tract. After clearing the way for more oxygen flow, it is time to exercise with oxygen training. The LiveO2 oxygen mask delivers high levels of oxygen to the participant while they exercise on a stationary bike. A trainer assists in breathing exercises during this session. The cleanse is ended with time in the infrared sauna to increase circulation and relaxation.

The progress Karen made is remarkable to say the least. She recorded in real-time her results, we included her videos after her second, third, and seventh sessions.

Day 2 of the Lungevity Cleanse Challenge

As a recent transplant to Colorado, Karen strongly reacted to the local allergens and wildfire pollution. On the first day of the cleanse she cleared out a sinus headache, regained clarity in her voice, and slept through the night. The improvements only seem to be continuing, so she is going to take on the challenge and continue with the program.

Day 3 of the Lungevity Cleanse Challenge

Allergy medicine was what was holding Karen together and after 3 sessions she put her medicine away. Any remainder of her sinus pain is gone and she found herself drinking more water and resting better.

Week 1 of the Lungevity Cleanse Challenge

7 days in the Lungevity Cleanse and Karen is enjoying benefits she didn’t anticipate, including relief from PCOS-related pain, and weight loss. These are additional bonuses to the continued relief from her allergies and insomnia! She is going to continue to see the effects of this cleanse ripple into the rest of her body. We can’t wait to see how she continues to recover and live free from her pain. Her consistency is key in maintaining the gains she has experienced. By the end of the 30 session challenge, she should see amazing results from the program.

All community members can join in this Lungevity Cleanse Challenge. One session is $49, if you are ready to experience the best results take the cleanse challenge, 30 sessions for $600. Call the wellness center with your questions, or book your first session at (970) 872-9355, or book online.

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