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Matthew Huerta

By October 25, 2023November 30th, 2023Holistic Provider

Matthew found his passion for coaching through the process of unraveling his own chronic pain and health issues. As a personal trainer, breath, and holistic lifestyle coach, Matthew has dedicated his life to learning what true healing entails and supporting others on their journey toward greater health and fulfillment. Matthew is trained in core and back rehabilitation, strength training, and holistic lifestyle coaching, and is a certified Integrated Movement Specialist through the Chek Institute. He is also a certified performance breathing coach through Laird Hamilton & Gabby Reece’s XPT program. When Matthew isn’t coaching, you can find him working on local farms, trail running, snowboarding, and constantly learning more about all things health and wellness.

Matthew now offers training and workshops at the wellness center in addition to his private training sessions. Come and train with Matthew on the Vibra Pro, LiveO2, stick work, breath work, and athletic training for students and adults. He also offers a by-donation Wim Hof Cold Plunge and Breathwork Class on the second Sunday at noon every month. Book a session by giving us a call at (970) 872-9355 or learn more about Matthew at –

Personal Training Menu

$35 Individualized Vitality Assessment 

Assists new and current members in developing an individualized “Vitality Path” to make the most of Wellspring Vitality’s offerings and technologies.

Movement Essentials $85/Hour Individual $120/Hour Small Group (2-3) 

Improve balance, strength, mobility, flexibility, posture, chronic pain, and more, through personalized movement coaching. Utilizes bodyweight, mobility sticks, foam rollers, bolsters, kettlebells, etc.

Biohacking Training $100/hour individual, $150/Small Group (2-3 people) 

Combining movement and breath coaching with various wellness technologies to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Appropriate for those working on deep rehabilitation as well as those with elite training goals.

Includes usage of oxygen bikes, vibration plates, salt therapy, infrared sauna, and/or Beemer mat. 

$85 Somatic Therapy

Includes bodywork, assisted stretching, and guided movement. Clients remain comfortably clothed and are active participants in this Somatic Therapy. It is ideal for those with chronic, habituated pain, imbalanced posture, and suboptimal breathing function. 

$100 Salty Somatic Breath Therapy

Includes bodywork, assisted stretching, and guided movement, all intended to mobilize the spine and torso to improve breathing function. The session takes place in the Salt Therapy Room for the added benefits of salt therapy.

Ideal for those with respiratory health concerns (asthma, COPD, allergies, mold exposure, shortness of breath, postural issues, etc) 

$45 Fundamental Breath Coaching 

This 30-minute session is ideal for those interested in learning how the breath directly impacts our physical and mental state. Expect to receive an education on what optimal breathing entails and learn how to perform effective, practical breathing methods. (Virtual sessions available) 


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