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Movement Class Schedule

By September 14, 2021February 21st, 2024Deals, Events

Fitness isn’t about what you look like, it is about building up your body so that you feel good. Whether your goal is to get out of bed pain-free or summit 14’ers we have fun and joyful movement classes to condition your body so it can perform at its best. 

Core Transformation Fitness

Instructor Liz Evans from HandsOnBodyworks provides classes that can be adapted to all skill levels. This workout combines many traditions of core work and intuitive bodywork traditions into one invigorating and deeply transformative style of focused movement. Think of it as deep tissue massage that works deep into your body as you incorporate effort and breathwork. Core Transformation takes elements from yoga and pilates and then adds in Callanetics- a system of deep muscle contraction and deep body awareness. Core Transformation is continually evolving and will teach you things that you can apply all day, every day like Core Walking, breathwork, and restorative movement strategies that will keep your body out of pain and feeling lithe, graceful and supple.

Sample classes and learn more on Liz’s Youtube Channel HandsOn Bodyworks. Class is one hour. Bring water, yoga mat, and clothes you are comfortable moving in.

Here is the class schedule.

Hotchkiss Movement Class Schedule

Hotchkiss classes will be held at Wellspring Vitality in the Movement Zone during the cooler months or inclement weather. During the warm months classes are held at the green space behind Zack’s BBQ in Hotchkiss.  

Monday 730-830 AM Core Transformation

2-3 Bounce & Balance Class

Wednesday 830-930 AM Bounce & Balance

Friday 730-830 AM

2-3 Bounce & Balance Class


Paonia Movement Class Schedule

Paonia classes will be held at North Fork Karate in Paonia during the cooler months or inclement weather. During the warm months classes are held at Paonia Town Park.

Tuesday 8-9 AM Core Transformation

Thursday 8-9 AM Core Transformation

Your first class is free, and after that $10 per session. Or purchase a 10-session punch card for $90. Members enjoy fitness classes for free. 

Sign up for a class at –

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