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New Year, More Affordable Wellness Memberships

By November 18, 2022November 28th, 2022Blog, Deals

Community is medicine is one of my favorite taglines.  It is one of the big “whys” behind why we are loving people and loving vitality here at Wellspring.  

Wellspring is making a shift and we want this to best benefit you, our community. 

How does this change for you? 

We are passionate and driven to make wellness more affordable and more accessible. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood wellness CSA. You get shares in life-changing therapies and you help healers to make a living in this gorgeous valley.

Just like community-supported agriculture or a CSA allows your local food producers to have community support for their labor of love, our community-supported wellness model allows you to make wellness therapies a habit.

As of this month, there are now 3 options for the year-long membership! Just in time for the new year. These memberships include: 

Vitality Lite $65

Created to make weekly wellness affordable. This membership includes the 4 Ceragem Massage Bed sessions, 4 Sauna sessions, 4 Salt Therapy sessions, 4 Mito Red sessions, and 4 Vibra Pro sessions.

Vitality $125

Ready to see fast results? This membership makes frequent visits to the wellness center extremely affordable. This membership includes access to the 8 Ceragem Massage Bed, 8 Sauna, 8 Salt Therapy, 8 Mito Red, and 8 Vibra Pro. 

Vitality + $200

All of the inclusions of Vitality Membership as well as 8 LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy sessions and 8 BEMER sessions. 


If we can reach 100 new members we can expand services, hours, and space!

This would look like expanded hours, with an expanded membership we would be open from 5am-9pm. 

We could also expand our space for the larger indoor classes that you have requested, and comfortably host more therapies with even more privacy. 


How can you help us meet these goals? 

#1 Share this with the community! Forward this email to a friend or share this social media post to your profile. 

#2 If you are not already a member, sign up! And if you cannot commit to a whole year, a staycation membership or other custom options will count towards our goal.

#3 Tell us what would be most valuable to you with the possibility of an expansion of space and hours with this 2 minute survey.

Watch a video about our Covid Policy and precautions