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Nutrition at a Cellular Level: Therapies and Habits for Better Health

By March 10, 2023March 13th, 2023Blog

Let’s take nutrition beyond the obvious “eat local whole foods with lots of fermentation” and focus on therapies that also support nutrition on a cellular level. Supporting your body so it can properly absorb nutrients is a side to nutrition planning that is rarely discussed. 

There are a few tips to increase nutrient absorption prior to jumping immediately into wellness therapies. This article 5 Ways to Improve Nutrient Absorption says exactly what we share with clients. It recommends: 

  • Support your gut bacteria with probiotics and prebiotics. 
  • To become familiar with recommended food combinations for best results. 
  • Slowing down your chewing! 
  • Find ways to manage stress. 
  • Consider using a digestive enzyme supplement. 

These shifts in your diet and lifestyle can increase your absorption of nutrients. What else can you do? We know of three wellness technologies that provide nutrition at a cellular level, these include: 

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Mito-Red Light Therapy
  • LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

How do these therapies work? And how should they be incorporated into your busy schedule for the best results? 


Infrared Sauna Increases Core Body Temperature by 3 Degrees

The infrared sauna uses infrared waves,  which transfer heat directly to your skin unlike a traditional sauna that heats the room. This direct heating method allows users to enjoy a more intense sweat at a more comfortable temperature. Traditional sauna temperatures range between 150 F and 195 F while infrared saunas get the same results at 110 F – 135 F according to Dr. Young in an article for the Cleveland Clinic, “Infrared saunas can definitely be much more comfortable for people while delivering the same sort of benefits,”. Wellspring Vitality chose the Infrared Sauna because it is more comfortable for users and more eco-friendly. 

We use the Sunlighten Infrared Sauna, “Sunlighten’s saunas are clinically-proven to raise core body temperature 3 degrees, which unleashes the most benefits to our health.” This increase in core temperature that Sunlighten has proved again and again in studies like the Core Body Temperature Study. This heat increase increases circulation and supports the elimination of toxins. Poor circulation and a high toxin load makes the metabolic process of taking in nutrients more difficult. This cleansing effect is highly useful in increasing nutrition at a cellular level. 

To maximize the effectiveness of this therapy, it is recommended it is used at minimum 30 minutes per session. Two sessions per week seem to maximize the benefits! 


Red Light Therapy Creates Nutrition at a Cellular Level

Red Light Therapy is a bioactive light frequency that induces mitochondria in your cells to increase energy production. This increase in energy production allows the body to absorb nutrients, increase circulation, and speed collagen production. Yes, that means diminished wrinkles and increased physical performance. 

The Mito Red Light Therapy unit used at Wellspring emits Red and near/far infrared light. This red light range is a part of the electromagnetic the spectrum that is emitted by the sun. Using Red Light Therapy frequently has been linked to increased absorption of Vitamin D another bonus for cellular-level nutrition! 

The MitoRed is recommended to be used for up to 15 minutes every day. We have seen great results with clients who use it 3 times a week.


LiveO2 Increased Oxygenation on a Cellular Level

Exercise with oxygen training (EWOT) includes breathing in higher concentrations of oxygen while exerting yourself on a stationary bike or another accessible form of exercise. During a session the highest concentration of oxygen you will take in is 93%; compare this with the 21% which is the normal oxygenated level you breathe in at sea level. This high concentration of oxygen will be contrasted with lower oxygenated levels, similar to altitude training, to increase the beneficial effects and difficulty of the training.This form of training is called Adaptive Contrast. 

The direct results of liveo2 Adaptive Contrast are an increase of oxygen circulation within the blood. Oxygen is critical to countless chemical processes at a cellular level. Increasing oxygenation in this way has direct benefits like: 

  • Improved cardiovascular and respiratory health.
  • Reduced inflammation and pain in the body.
  • Faster recovery time after workouts, injuries, or illness.
  • Increased energy and athletic performance
  • Better immune system health.
  • Improved vision and clarity of mind.
  • Cleanses body of impurities.

This therapy does require working with a trainer to find the right program that works best for your health goals. For best results training with LiveO2 twice a week has excellent results. 


When you take your nutrition to the next level, you are certain to see results. Are you interested in working with us to increase your vitality? Schedule a complimentary wellness consultation, our Vitality Orientation, where we will get to know you and recommend a plan that helps you achieve your goals. You can do this by clicking the link or giving us a call.

How are you increasing the absorption of nutrition on a cellular level? Tell us all about it! We love to hear from our community. Send us a message about what is working for you or your wellness questions.

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