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Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage with Doula Magdalena Alvarez

By May 15, 2024Blog
Pregnant person lies on massage table. Massage therapist massages their belly.

Massage Therapist and Doula Magdalena, “Maggie” Alvarez provides pregnancy and postpartum massages at Wellspring Vitality. Her 24, (and counting) years of experience working on pregnant bodies and the full birth process gives insight to every massage session she provides. She is a certified Massage Therapist, and Advanced Care Doula. On the blog we wanted to share her approach to massage therapy through the stages of pregnancy.

But first! Join Liz and Maggie in the massage room to talk their shared experience with massage and their approaches to pregnant and postpartum clients.

MamaKneads Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

From the positive pregnancy test to the last, long, heavy days of your ninth month, prenatal massages can have profound physical and psychological benefits. While it’s always important to check with your primary care provider before booking your prenatal massage, I have the experience and education to know how to ensure a safe, relaxing experience for you.

First Trimester

During the first three months, your symptoms are largely a result of your body adjusting to the influx of powerful hormones. A prenatal massage can help by relieving some of the headaches, constipation, and nausea you’ve been experiencing during the early phase of your pregnancy.

Second Trimester

There are many reasons to begin (or continue) a routine of prenatal massage during the second trimester. As your belly grows and your ligaments begin to soften and stretch, your posture will change as your center of gravity shifts.  Back pain, sciatica, and calf cramps are the most common complaints I begin to hear during this trimester. Remember lying on your belly?  Wouldn’t it be great to do that for a little while? I use specially-designed bolsters and pillows to provide for safe positioning, making even face-down positions comfortable.

Third Trimester

As your due date approaches, your feet may be swelling. The baby feels like he must weigh 97 pounds. You may also find that the anticipation of delivery has increased your stress levels.

This is the perfect time for you to book yourself a massage.

You’ll find that regular prenatal massages during this trimester can enhance your sleep, reduce pain and swelling, and generally assist in lowering stress as the delivery day draws near. Third-trimester massages can even help prepare your pelvic muscles for the birthing process.

Unwinding with a massage is one of the healthiest choices you can make for you and your baby.

Postpartum Massage

Many of my clients say they appreciate a postpartum massage even more than during pregnancy.

Gone is the weight of the baby on your bladder, and the swollen feet.  But all those hours hunched over your precious newborn as you figure out breastfeeding can make for some very sore shoulders.  The sciatica may have continued to hang around.  And stress?  Yeah, a little bit.

My goal is to make the leaky, diaper-clad, slightly weepy postpartum mom comfortable in her skin for an hour.  I continue to use the bolstering system she enjoyed during pregnancy, to accomodate engorged breasts and C-section scars.

– Magdalena Alvarez, MamaKneads Doula

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