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Recover from your summer adventures the smart way

By June 15, 2023June 16th, 2023Blog

Liz recently took a 10-mile day hike with family. This hike is a culmination of decades of Liz’s focus on fitness so she is able to participate in adventures with her grandkids. That goal is what started Core Transformation Fitness classes! Her hike with kids and grandkids involved a lot of packs full of toddlers, water, and food to fuel the day. She had massages and fitness classes the next day and didn’t have time for soreness.

Thanks to Wellspring she could recover the smart way from her summer adventure with a cold plunge, a massage on the Ceragem, a session with the BEMER, and LiveO2 oxygen training. She was the only (and oldest) family member who wasn’t sore the next day. Don’t just save good self-care for a spa date on vacation; it can become an everyday delight- keeping you in the game.

What is the science behind using these therapeutic health techniques to avoid soreness?

Each of these therapies enhances circulation, which aids in decreasing soreness and inflammation in the body. In this blog we will cover each of the therapies she used to get some relief, as well as a few bonus therapies she didn’t have time for that could help you!

Cold Plunge for Recovery

“An ice bath can change the way in which fluids like blood and lymph flow through your body. Your vessels constrict because of the cold and open back up when your body warms up after the ice bath. This process helps to flush metabolic waste from your body, while also getting oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. There is even scientific evidence that ice baths lower inflammation after intense physical exercise.”  – Wim Hof Method, Regular Ice Baths

Utilizing a cold plunge after a long hike, or in Liz’s case during a hike, is an excellent way to begin the process of flushing metabolic waste and lactic acid from the body. She also had hit her ankle on a rock and this helped to lower inflammation. We highly recommend using cold plunges as a part of your recovery. This could include a cold shower, ice bath, or sitting in an icy creek like Liz did.

BEMER Circulation Restoration for Recovery

“The easiest way to understand how PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) and Bemer technology work is to imagine that your cells function as tiny batteries. Like any battery, the cell can discharge and its energy can run low. In our body’s case, this happens because of old age, excessive stress, not enough rest, various damage, and so on. Cells depleted of energy find it very hard to fight off illnesses and stay healthy. By using Bemer therapy, the cells (“batteries”) are recharged and have enough power to repel disease and avoid injury.” – PEMF Advisor, Bemer Technology Benefits

The BEMER increases circulation and energy production within the cell, these two functions speed recovery time from bruising, inflammation, and soreness. This sped-up metabolic process decreases pain. Liz used this to target the bruising on her ankle and to help speed the process of flushing metabolic waste and increasing oxygenation in her muscles.

What is a BEMER session like? It is recommended for best results to be used two times daily. We often recommend choosing two 8 minute sessions as it is proven to have the best results. During a session, you will sit on the electromagnetic mat in a reclining chair. Relax as pulsed frequency increases circulation in your body. You can also hold a smaller mat to concentrate the waves to one region of the body.

LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Training

“LiveO2 enhances the intensity of respiratory process with Adaptive Contrast.

Adaptive Contrast enables users to switch between oxygen rich and oxygen reduced air. Oxygen reduced air is a simulated altitude that compels the cardiovascular system to work harder. Oxygen enriched air expedites recovery.

Switching from maximal exertion with oxygen reduced air to oxygen enriched creates a magic moment of simultaneous maximums of blood flow and blood oxygen concentration to create higher oxygen levels than are known possible by any other known means.” – LiveO2, Oxygen Training vs Therapy

Using the LiveO2 as a light workout increases oxygenation in the body to flush lactic acid and toxins as well as decrease inflammation. This increased oxygenation and circulation in the body has helped Liz to recover from muscle soreness and fatigue.

Ceragem Massage Bed

The CERAGEM V6 is a unique in-home massage bed because it combines acupressure, deep-tissue massage, stretching, and hot stone therapy all in one. With patented scanning technology that analyzes your exact spinal length and curvature, the CERAGEM V6 adjusts to your measurements to provide a customized massage while applying intensive thermal therapy at a soothing and deeply penetrating 149°F.” Ceragem USA, Should You Workout Before or After a Massage?

Massage after a strenuous workout relieves muscle soreness and fatigue, improves range of motion, and is a major mood booster. Liz makes time for the Ceragem often, the 20-minute session she targeted decompressing her spine from carrying packs and small children. The acupressure and infrared heat helped to relax her muscles.

These three therapies are Liz’s go-to when she is tight on time. Spending 8 minutes on the BEMER, 15 on the LiveO2 and 20 on the Ceragem is all the time required to see big results. In under 45 minutes, you can take back the next 2-3 days of muscle soreness when you choose to recover from your summer adventures the smart way. Make time for self-care to regain time pain-free so that you can explore and serve your community.

If you have time there are two other therapies that also help with recovery after a strenuous day. Bonus therapies if you have more time include Infrared Sauna and MitoRed. Both of these therapies also relax muscles and increase circulation. If you have the time adding either or both of these therapies will also greatly reduce your recovery time and help you to sleep.

Ready to book these therapies? We recommend booking the Complete Body Reset. Or the Flow Recovery Package. You can also choose which therapies you would like in a session at Plan your visit and contact us today to get started.

Love people, love vitality.

Wellspring Vitality Team

Photo by Eddy Billard on Unsplash

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