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Recovery from Upper Respiratory Infection like COVID or the Flu

By January 13, 2022December 30th, 2022Blog

Recovery from upper respiratory infections like COVID or the flu can be a long process. One of the most important gifts that Wellspring Vitality is bringing to this community are powerful wellness technologies that help the body overcome upper respiratory infections. Liz has coined the term, “Covid Crud” to describe those who struggle with lingering upper respiratory issues, chronic fatigue, reduced immune response, etc. that often plague those that are COVID positive.

What is the protocol for recovery for our clients? We begin treatments once the client is deemed no longer contagious according to the CDC’s recommendations. Once they are ready to begin, we recommend the Complete Body Reset protocol. Our recovery protocol works on a cellular level to get the blood flowing and increase oxygenation in the body using oxygen therapy, infrared sauna, salt therapy, and circulation restoration therapy. 

Complete Body Reset for Upper Respiratory Infection Recovery

One therapy in the Complete Body Reset is LiveO2 oxygen therapy and training. The LiveO2 delivers high levels of oxygen while the client engages in gentle stretching or cycles on a stationary bike. If you are too weak to engage in exercise, don’t worry, we have you covered!  We have prescribed breathing exercises that highly oxygenate the blood while you are working on exercising your lungs and core. Combining movement with increased oxygen flow increases circulation and the quantity of oxygen in the blood. 

LiveO2 is combined with an infrared sauna session. Blood microscopy shows the powerful effects of the O2 treatments before and after and the infrared sauna. The sauna triggers a detox sweat and also provides a powerful 1-2-3 punch by killing viruses, bacterias, and molds present in the body. 

The salt therapy room is a powerful way to introduce detoxification into the lungs and upper respiratory system while balancing out and deeply relaxing the central nervous system. Clients sit or stretch in a calming room and breathe in micro-particles of salt. The salt loosens congestion and has natural antimicrobial properties making it an excellent therapy for recovery from a respiratory infection.  Many clients experience a loosening effect and are able to reduce mucous and inflammation stress in the body.

This program adds Circulation Restoration Therapy or BEMER to the beginning of the session. This therapy sends PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field,  through the body which increases blood circulation. This increased circulation improves and facilitates muscle performance. Starting off with increased blood flow only increases the positive results of the rest of the therapies in the Complete Body Rest program.

We’ve used this for asthma-related issues, sinus issues and as a powerful way to help with travelers or newcomers to the area who are struggling with altitude acclimation. 

How to get started

If you are serious about getting better, feeling better, living your life to the fullest, schedule a Vitality Orientation so that you can see what our technologies and team of holistic wellness professionals can do for you.  We will provide you with a Vitality Syllabus that will detail the steps you can take to live your life to the fullest. Don’t let “aging” or recovering from illness slow you down. We can help you confront and reverse these symptoms that are stealing your energy, causing pain in your body, and taking your mojo. To schedule this or to experience the Complete Body Reset, give us a call or visit our location.  

Not only this, but we have functional medicine professionals at your fingertips and an accomplished natural doctor who offers powerful biofeedback to help you find out what the causative factors could be of your symptoms.  He is especially helpful when you can’t get doctors to give you answers or treatments that are giving you the relief you seek. 

Watch a video about our Covid Policy and precautions