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Salt Therapy and Oxygen Training for Smoke & Allergy Exposure

By July 2, 2021December 7th, 2021Blog

Salt Therapy and Oxygen Training for Smoke & Allergy Exposure

Salt therapy and oxygen training relieve symptoms from wildfire smoke and reduce the effects of allergies. These therapies produce an anti-inflammatory response in the body because of how they target the respiratory system. So how do they work? 

What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is breathing in micro salt particles. The salt thins the mucous in the respiratory system, triggering the expulsion of mucus and pollutants. This clearing of mucus results in immediate relief from congestion, sinus headaches, and brain fog that occur during an allergic reaction. 

The benefits of salt therapy were discovered in 1843 by Polish therapist Feliks Boczkowski.  Boczkowski found in his research that the excellent health and lack of respiratory diseases in salt mine workers was due to the salt. Today these Polish salt mines have become sanatoriums that are renowned for their health benefits. 

The traits of salt are key to its effectiveness in relieving respiratory disease symptoms. The article Halotherapy Benefits and Risks Research by Evgeniya Vladeva and Liliya Panajotova describes the antibacterial, antimycotic, and anti-inflammatory effects of salt. Vladeva and Panajotova found these attributes to resolve symptoms of respiratory diseases, improve congestion, and increase the tolerance of physical strain.

Salt therapy produces an anti-inflammatory response in patients with bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, and chronic bronchopneumopathy according to the article, Surveys on therapeutic effects of “halotherapy chamber with artificial salt-mine environment”. This connection is proven again and again in many studies, proving salt therapy is a method for relieving the inflammatory response from exposure to smoke, pollutants, and allergens. 

How does oxygen training facilitate an anti-inflammatory response?

What is Oxygen Training? (Or Exercise with Oxygen Therapy?)

“Oxygen Therapy is the use of oxygen at rest to care for a medical condition, or disease.

Oxygen Training is the use of oxygen during exertion to optimize health and energy production regardless of health conditions or disease.” O2 Training vs Therapy – LiveO2

The majority of the public is semi-familiar with oxygen therapy, but what about oxygen training? Oxygen training is set apart from oxygen therapy as it produces the same positive results as oxygen therapy while avoiding the pitfalls that can occur from oxygen therapy. These issues can include:

“The absence of exertion can permit imbalances in respiratory gas exchange in CO2 and O2. Problems are rare – but can occur in extremely health compromised individuals. 

Too rapid increases or decreases in pressure can cause pain or injury in air-compartments in the body specifically the ears or lungs. Users should not hold their breath during depressurization, just like divers should exhale during ascent.

Nitrogen dissolves into the blood. Medical hyperbaric users are usually advised not to travel by air for 24 hours to avoid the bends.” According to O2 Training vs Therapy

Oxygen training can be achieved with many different systems. LiveO2 is designed to produce results faster by identifying the therapeutic oxygenation stipulated by Dr. von Ardenne, author of Oxygen Multistep Therapy, and alternating the high oxygenated air and low oxygenated air instead of a high amount for the entirety of the exercise.

This cycle of oxygen and exercise increases blood flow and oxygenation to the entire body.  LiveO2 calls this cycle adaptive contrast, they describe this process further in their article O2 Training vs Therapy,  “We invented our Adaptive Contrast System™ to work by creating demand for oxygen in the body as a method to quickly drive oxygen deeper into the tissues. The ability to switch to negative air and then back to the “best recovery scenario” oxygen-concentrated air) quickly allows the complete gradient of oxygen demand and supply to be experienced in seconds.”

This increase in blood flow and oxygen boosts immune response, triggers a detox of pollutants, and creates an anti-inflammatory response in the body. The benefits of this treatment include increased strength, stamina, and immune response. 

Salt Therapy & Oxygen Training to create an Anti-Inflammatory Response

Combining these two therapies to provide relief from pollutants is now an option for those suffering from an inflammatory response. Wellspring Vitality employees and community, located on the western slope of Colorado, are affected by the increase of wildfires. Providing access to salt therapy and LiveO2 is critical for their community’s respiratory health. The wellness center has gone so far as to design specific therapeutic programs to combat these uncomfortable reactions. These include the Lungevity Cleanse and Altitude Recovery. Both therapeutic packages are carefully designed to produce an anti-inflammatory response.

Lungevity Cleanse

The Lungevity Cleanse is a therapeutic package aimed at clearing pollutants and creating an anti-inflammatory response. This therapeutic session takes an hour and includes: 

  • LiveO2 oxygen training 
  • Salt therapy
  • Infrared sauna

The addition of the sauna to the protocol increases blood flow and white blood cell production in the body. It also creates a detox as the body sweats off impurities. An excellent way to round out salt therapy and LiveO2 oxygen training. 

Complete Body Reset

Similar to the Lungevity Cleanse, Complete Body Reset includes:

  • Physical Vascular Therapy
  • LiveO2 oxygen training
  • Salt therapy
  • Infrared sauna

This program adds Physical Vascular Therapy or BEMER to the beginning of the session. This therapy sends PEMF, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field,  through the body which increases blood circulation. This increased circulation improves and facilitates muscle performance. Starting off with increased blood flow only increases the positive results of the rest of the therapies in the Complete Body Reste program.

Oxygen Therapy and Salt Therapy are excellent therapies to include in your arsenal to relieve allergies without the drugs. Wellspring Vitality wellness center offers these therapies on the western slope of Colorado. If you are located elsewhere simply search “salt therapy near me” and “LiveO2 training near me” to experience the benefits these therapies can have for those exposed to smoke, pollutants, and allergens. 

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