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This January Go with the Flow at the Wellness Center

By January 4, 2023June 24th, 2024Blog

Dear Wellness Vitality friend,

No more “New Year. New You” January. The all-or-nothing attitude of New Year’s resolutions are difficult to keep up with. Instead, Wellspring is here to come alongside you in creating a rhythm that fits your needs today and that can expand as you change.

Together, let’s create a ritual out of vitality that includes community and laughter. Drop by for a cup of tea and a complimentary wellness planning session called the Vitality Orientation. The team will get to know you and your desires for your health and help you pinpoint a rhythm that works for you. Call to schedule a Vitality Orientation at (970) 872-9355 or select the right time for you at –

Here are the events and specials for January, the month of flow.

Daily Core Transformation Fitness Classes
Mondays & Thursdays Neurofeedback & Symphony of the Cells
Thursdays Reflexology
January 11th & 25th Acupuncture & CAT Clinic
January 9th & 19th IV Therapy Clinic

The specials for the month include:

Flow Recovery Special 20% Off
The theme for this month is to “go with the flow” and you can bet wellspring has therapies to enhance your circulation. Enjoy the BEMER, Ceragem Massage Bed, and Sauna for $46.40 through January. Book online at –

New Vitality Lite Membership $65/month
We are excited to announce the newest membership tiers! Therapies like the sauna, Ceragem, and salt therapy are now available for as little as $65 a month.  Vitality Lite is perfect for those looking to come in once a week and experience big savings. Read all about the new membership options at –

HandsOn Bodyworks Special
For a limited time, Liz is offering discounted bodywork packages. These are available for purchase through January 31st of 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your self-care with a bodywork package at a discounted price! You can view them and purchase them online at –

We look forward to having you at Wellspring Vitality. Call to schedule an appointment at (970) 872-9355 or drop in for a cup of tea and therapy.

The Wellspring Vitality Team

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