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Why Create a Wellness Center in the North Fork?

By February 5, 2021Blog
Wellspring Vitality Wellness Center

The North Fork Valley is a rural western colorado region known for its agriculture. Many would find it an odd location for a wellness center. Those who live here know there is no better location. The valley is rich with knowledgeable health providers that specialize in many alternative medicine options. Making it the perfect location for a wellness center. 

The vision for Wellspring Vitality wellness center has been two decades in the making. Liz Evans, a massage therapist, and bodywork educator has been working towards her dream of opening Wellspring Vitality since she graduated from massage school in the early 2000s. She wanted a space that went beyond the traditional spa and resort. Her vision was a wellness center that went beyond just external comfort but offered treatments and therapies for the mind, body, and soul. As of the end of 2020, Wellspring Vitality opened and her dream was brought to fruition.

Wellspring Vitality offers spa amenities, wellness technologies, and treatment rooms that are utilized by a range of alternative medicine practitioners. The wellness center is the coworking space for wellness providers and the one-stop-shop for those pursuing alternative healing. 

When you come inside our building you will be greeted immediately with a cup of locally grown tea, and invited to enjoy one of the many wellness technologies we offer in our space. Our Wellness Center has a salt room, infrared sauna, CERAGEM Korean massage bed, hyperbaric chamber, and MITO Red light therapy booth to help you relax and heal. Our other specialized workout and medical equipment include the Vibra Pro vibration plate, EWOT – exercise with oxygen therapy area, and a physical vascular therapy device.

These wellness technologies can be intimidating to try to navigate alone. The most important aspect of our center is the skilled practitioners that will work with you to utilize these healing modalities according to your individual needs. The Wellspring Vitality team has a wide breadth of experience and we only expect to grow as more providers use our space to service the community. 

Our providers offer herbal medicinal knowledge, functional medicine certifications, licensed acupuncture, holistic nutritionists, certified CAT practitioner, and so much more. There is a community of wise healers concentrated in this little corner of the state with a skill set that is remarkably healing. 

These skilled practitioners have come together to provide the following services:

  • Workshops (Informational & Experiential)
  • Wellness Technologies: Infrared Sauna, Ceragem Massage Bed, Far-Red Infrared Light Therapy, Vibra-Pro Plate Technology, Exercise with Oxygen Training, Salt Therapy & More! 
  • Wisdom & Healing Work
  • A Place to Gather with Friends & Family to Experience Wellness
  • Restorative Movement Training
  • Bodywork
  • Counseling
  • Pain Management
  • Rehabilitative Training to Elite Athlete Training
  • Studio-Style Fitness Classes

Whether our space is used to treat individuals or as a location for workshops and events, we hope that you come to visit to enjoy a more well you. Whether you are looking to visit our center as a guest, or curious about collaborating as a practitioner, we invite you to contact us at (970) 872-9355.  

Watch a video about our Covid Policy and precautions