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Immune Boost Strategies from Holistic Wellness Coach Leslie Parker

By January 17, 2023December 7th, 2023Blog, Resources

In this mini workshop, join Liz Evans owner of Wellspring Vitality and Holistic Wellness Coach Leslie Parker to discover ayurvedic and holistic immune boosting strategies. So grab a cup of tea, a pad of paper and a pencil to take notes. This is the first of many Vitality University Workshops where we work with local north fork healers to create accessible health education. In this workshop is 30 minutes, in this session we will cover immune boosting: 

  • Foods
  • Herbs & Supplements
  • Exercise & Sleep
  • Cold Plunge
  • Wellness Technologies
  • Daily Ayurvedic Immunity Routine

Watch the session below. Beneath the video are the time stamps so you can rewatch a section as needed.

Immune Boost Strategies with Holistic Wellness Coach Leslie Parker Outline

1:43 Diet Strategies Overview

2:55 Zinc – Sunflower Seeds, Beans, Almonds, Peanuts, & Salmon

3:28 Healthy Fats: Avocado, Eggs, Fish

4:03 – Prebiotics & Probiotics: Yogurt and Lacto-fermented foods Supplements & Herbs

5:16 Elderberries, olive leaf extract, echinacea, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, garlic/onions/shallots

11:47 Exercise

13:28 Sleep

15:05 Hydration

16:16 Cold Plunge

19:08 Wellness Technologies at the Wellness Center: BEMER, Trampolines, Salt Therapy, and Fitness Classes.

25:40 Immunity Routine: Alternate Breathing, Ayurvedic Tongue Rolling & Chest Tapping, Foot and Hand Massage

If you are interested in working with Leslie and Liz to create wellness strategies that fit your daily routine, plan a visit to the wellness center. Wellspring Vitality offers life-changing wellness technologies, fitness classes, and alternative health providers. Located at 110 S 7th Street, Unit B, Hotchkiss Colorado.

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