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Memberships Now Simplified

By February 12, 2024Blog, Deals

2024 is the year we simplify. Memberships at the wellness center need to be simple enough that anyone can maximize their health with consistent use of the therapies. (And maybe instead of the membership that looks like a punch card for one particular therapy, don’t worry we have those too.)

All memberships moving forward will be the Vitality Lite for $95/month and Vitality Plus for $155/month. The Lite membership is for those looking to come to the wellness center once a week and who don’t plan to incorporate LiveO2 Exercise with Oxygen Therapy into their sessions. The Plus is for those who want an all-access pass to the wellness center. So, what is included in the memberships now?



Average Monthly Value – $550



Average Monthly Value – $3000

*Unlimited meaning 1 session per day.

**LiveO2 usage requires personal oxygen mask purchase and initial personal training check-in.


Exercise with oxygen therapy is an incredible exercise modality used by professional athletes and brain and trauma recovery centers. Our previous membership structure was $200 for the LiveO2 membership and $200 for the Vitality Membership. Now for the cost of one, you receive access to the entirety of the wellness center. The Vitality Plus Membership includes access to LiveO2 and BEMER Physical Vascular Therapy.

Our community is what makes Wellspring Vitality so special. As our business grows it is our goal to give back to this incredible community. Once we reach 50 members, $10 of each membership will be donated to a local charity or nonprofit. That is $500 monthly, which will only scale as we increase our membership numbers. Consistent self-care doesn’t just create a more balanced life for you, it also gives back to your community.

At the 75-member mark, we will expand our operating hours to accommodate our community better. Once there are 150 Vitality Members, the wellness center will break ground on the Hydrotherapy Park, including a cold plunge, Japanese soaking tubs, outdoor showers, and more.

Help us reach our goal by inviting others to the Wellspring Vitality membership program!


Contact us to learn more and become a member. We cannot wait to help you make these therapies a part of your wellness habits.


Love people. Love vitality.

The Wellspring Vitality Team

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